Three Dawgs Dismissed from Team

Nick Marshall & 2 Others were dismissed

As I tweeted last night, there was bad news coming down the pipe from Athens. DB Nick Marshall, WR Sanford Seay, and DB Chris Sanders have all been dismissed from the Georgia football programs. Here is more from Marc Weiszer from the ABH:

"Georgia cornerback Nick Marshall is being dismissed from the team today, his high school coach confirmed this morning.

Wide receiver Sanford Seay also is expected to be kicked off the team after being accused of stealing money from another student in a university dorm room, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.


As a freshman last season, Marshall recorded five tackles in 13 games with a role on special teams. He had designs on playing for the Bulldogs’ basketball team in future seasons and was viewed as athletic enough to offer playmaking abilities on offense as well.

“I think it’s a shame,” Ledford said. “He had a great opportunity at Georgia. He was going to have an opportunity to contribute to the team more next year, but that’s opportunity is gone now.”

Seay was a scout team player last season after arriving from Lee County High School. He had already run into team discipline issues during the season."

DB Chris Sanders was just announced this morning, but there is speculation that all three were involved with the same incident. Apparently, there was an attempt to steal north of $500 from another football player.

This is another black eye for the Georgia football program - especially coming off a Signing Day where the Dawgs only signed 19 players - and just one DB and one WR.

Marshall was a guy everyone felt could have a huge contribution to the team this years, as could Sanders. Seay, while not expected to get into the rotation is still a tough loss as scout team guys provide depth and quality practice opponents.


IF players will steel from teammates they go into the cancer category of selfish player who do not abide by the value system of the team. Get them off the bus.

Surprised? Not at all. This team is full of characters. You can almost be guaranteed that 4-5 players will miss games in 2012 as a result of drugs, theft, battery, etc.