Tennessee - Redshirt? What Redshirt?!

Dooley went off on players Saturday

Although Tennessee's season is all but lost, one has to be able to find some good that came from the beat down that Alabama gave them on Saturday night, right? Oh yeah! When Tennessee loses, Derek Dooley's mouth gives us some gems! Here are some good quotes from Dooley after the loss vs. Alabama.

"With the Volunteers trailing 37-6 in the fourth quarter at second-ranked Alabama, Coach Derek Dooley decided to put true freshman Justin Worley in the game in relief of Matt Simms. UT would have preferred to redshirt the 6-foot-4, 200-pounder, but Tyler Bray’s broken thumb, Simms’ struggles and the Vols’ large deficit resulted in a change."

When asked about whether or not it was wise to burn the redshirt of Worley, Dooley had this to say:

“I’ve never worried about redshirts,” Dooley said. “I don’t care. These guys don’t worry about staying for four years anymore, so why should we worry about redshirts?”

Haha... wow. Derek, come on, man! You sound like a baby that is getting the short end of the stick. Thousands of players and recruits each year go to school and play 4-5 years. There are very few that leave after 3. You have basically alienated any recruit that may be talented enough to leave after 3 years. If a player is even thinking that he might be able to leave after 3 years, I can guarantee you they don't want to play for Dooley because - as he said - if he (Dooley) doesn't care about me, I don't care about him.