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Why... hello there. So nice to see all of you again.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I am going through some ideas to try and make the blog better for everyone. Here are some of the things I am looking at:

New Year's Resolution for The Blawg House

So, now that the bowl game has come and gone, I've started thinking more of the direction of the blog for the off season. 

I've decided I want to be a lot more interactive with all of you that visit The Blawg House daily. We went over 100,000 unique visitors (THANK YOU) just before the New Year, and I'd love to hear more from you. 

So, please, make comments in the comment section. You don't have to register or sign up, just comment, discuss, and leave your thoughts. The more view points, the better, in my opinion!

Still Need YOUR Help!

Give this design a "5"

Blawg House fans, I still need your help to help Georgia! is doing a College T-Shirt design competition. My design was selected for scoring, and I would love for your votes. My design, "How 'Bout Them Dawgs" is one of just 25 designs. Please help me by doing the following:

Our 1 Month Anniversary!

Well, it has been exactly one month since we started The Blawg House. I honestly never thought it would even be a regular on the Georgia blog-o-sphere (we still may not be), but, for those of you who do read the blog, thank you. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing and sharing what little I know.

I also wanted to give a shout out to some of the sites that are great reads for both news & opinions, and who have embraced The Blawg House.


When we started The Blawg House, we never thought it would take off as it has! We've been going for less than 2 weeks and have had over 4.000 people come by TBH. We just want to say THANK YOU to all our readers!

Please make sure you visit often, share our site with your friends, and comment on our posts! 

UGACory & The Blawg House Team

Official Facebook & Twitter

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Thanks to all the new readers, followers, and bloggers!