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Georgia Tech Loses Another Bowl Game - Sweet Tears of Sadness

Man... I just knew Coach Paul Johnson was going to ruin my afternoon. North Avenue Trade School was up 24-10 going into the 4th quarter, and everyone knows CPJ is 10-2 when leading in the 4th. Hell, with a 2 TD lead, an offense as explosive as Johnson's can basically just move the ball for 1 or 2 first downs and drown the clock. But, not yesterday!

2001 vs. 2011 - UGA vs. GT - An Eerie Story

I don't really consider myself too superstitious. As a coach, I find myself feeling like I really can only control what I can control, so outside "voodoo" or "joojoo" doesn't effect me - EXCEPT when it comes to the Dawgs. I am always finding myself looking for omens or signs from above that may give us insight as to how the Dawgs will play that day.

This weekend, I had an eerie story that I just had to share with you all. 

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Review - The Good from Each Side

Murray, Boykin, and Charles -

On Saturday, Georgia once again proved why they are considered the premier team in the state of Georgia by beating their arch rival, Georgia Tech, by a score of 31-17. To be honest, the game was never in doubt and Georgia rolled in all phases of the game.

Nothing More Needs to be Said


Ok, the Thanksgiving pleasantries are over... it is time to make fun of the Nerds. And, what a way to start it off than to show you ESPNU's new Georgia Tech logo:


And, speaking of Nerds, I doubt this guy will have room for this this weekend:


Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Preview - Key Match-Ups to Watch

Georgia leads the series 61-35-9

After winning 9 out of the last 10 games between the two schools, you would think Georgia's idea of Georgia Tech being a big rivalry would have diminished a little - that is definitely not the case. When these two teams take the field, you will see two football programs, separated by 60 miles, that cannot stand one another. 

Giving Thanks That God Made Me a Bulldog

Well, Blawg House readers, I hope you all are enjoying a great Thanksgiving morning with all of your families. 

I love this time of year up here in northeast Georgia. The leaves are changing, the mountains are beautiful... and Georgia vs. Georgia Tech is right around the corner. 

I just thought as a treat for you all, I'd post some recent great memories of "Clean, Old Fashioned Hate." 

2006 - "The Drive"

GT Preview - Understanding Johnson's "Flex Bone Offense"

Paul Johnson - Enter Your Caption Below

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, Paul Johnson was some sort of legend because he won some second-rate National Championships at Georgia Southern (just kidding GSU fans). 

The reason Johnson became so popular at Southern and, later, at Navy and GT is because of the success he has had running a very unique offense - the flex bone offense. Typically, you see high schools and small colleges running these offenses because the offense covers up a talent gap by making defenses play perfect. 

And Some Poetry... Courtesy of Sarah McLachlan

Poor Tech fans... each year they go through the same heartbreak and failure. Won't you help one today?

Hate Week Items to Get Your Blood Boiling

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia Tech was hardly ever mentioned as Georgia's "rival." Sure, it was the annual game between the state's top two schools, but, Georgia Tech... a rival? The majority of my life, and all through my college career, we hardly ever lost to GT. Hell, between the time I graduated college and the time I graduated from UGA and went into grad school in Athens... we NEVER lost to Georgia Tech.