LSU Tigers

Georgia vs. LSU Recap - Where it Went Wrong

Dawgs leave Dome Defeated Again -

There are certain things you cannot do against the #1 team in the nation.

  1. You cannot miss on opportunities.
  2. You cannot make mistakes in the redzone.
  3. You cannot turn the ball over.
  4. You cannot give up the big play.

Against #1 LSU, the Georgia Bulldogs did all those things, and the score reflected the outcome of doing those things against the top ranked team in the land.

Good Morning - GET FIRED UP!

Ok, Dawg fans, the day is here. Georgia is just a few hours from stepping on the field with LSU to battle for the SEC crown.

On one sideline, you have the perfect team. The #1 team in the land. The LSU Tigers. 

On the other sideline, you have a team that has rebounded. A team that seeks redemption. The Georgia Bulldogs.

The best of the West vs. the best of the East - that is what it comes down to.

View From the Other Sideline - LSU Edition

Randy Rosetta & Les East sit down with TBH

Outside of the Georgia Tech week, this blog has been dedicated to helping you all get an "inside" look at football, opponents, and our Dawgs. As we approach the SEC Championship, I wanted to give you all a chance to see how LSU is seeing this game from the other side. Therefore, I sat down with Randy Rosetta (LSU Beat Writer/Managing Editor for and Les East (LSU Beat Writer for the Baton Rouge Advocate).

Georgia vs. LSU Preview - Georgia's Chances of an Upset

Aaron Murray looks to lead UGA over LSU

Not a chance in hell.

Not a prayer.

No shot.

No way.


That is the perception of Georgia's chances against LSU this weekend. The national media, regional media, and, heck, even local media believes Georgia's chances are zip when it comes to upsetting the #1 team in the nation. Want to know my response - as a coach - when it comes to a game like this?

"That is why they play the games."

As the Tailbacks Turn.

Earlier this week, Coach Mark Richt said that Georgia's "stud" freshman RB, Isaiah Crowell, would play in Saturday's championship game against LSU barring and set back. 

Crowell, as many of you know, came bursting onto the scene - first with his puppy announcement and then with his big game against South Carolina. Many in the Bulldog Nation starting thinking this kid could be the best thing since Knowshon. However, since that time, Crowell has mysteriously "disappeared" in big games. He has put up good numbers - quietly - for a freshman. 

Has LSU's Defense Played the Best?

Tyrann Mathieu leads the LSU D -

LSU's defense is considered, without a doubt, to be one of the absolute best defensive units in the nation. Some down in Baton Rouge are even saying this squad could be the best ever. 

Now, the question I propose today isn't whether or not LSU has played the best as a unit - they definitely have. No, the question is has LSU played the best each team on their schedule has to offer - that is a no.

2005 SEC Championship Rewind

Just wanted to, once again, visit the last time Georgia played LSU in the SEC Championship

Georgia's Rank: 13 LSU's Rank: 3

Georgia's Score: 34 LSU's Score: 14

Mark Richt's Record vs. Les Miles: 2-1 (with 1 loss coming on a fluke TD celebration)


Richt looks to capture his 3rd SEC Title

6 years has flown by. Since that December night in 2005, Georgia has barely sniffed the Southeastern Conference Championship. Since that night, Georgia has been a roller coaster of a football program. Fighting back in 2006, being top dogs in 2007, falling from grace in 2008, falling harder in 2009, and hitting bottom in 2010. In those 5 years, the SEC has captured 5 straight titles - and looks to add a sixth this season. In all those years, Georgia never once was able to fight for the chance to play for the SEC crown.

In 2011, all of that has changed.

Georgia's Defense Begins War of Words

Jarvis Jones leads UGA's Defense -

Typically, going into a big game, the huge underdog does not want to wake the sleeping giant. In this case, Georgia, the two touchdown underdog, may not want to poke and prod the #1 team in the land - who may or may not be "sleeping" through this game... seeing as how, apparently, regardless of how this game goes, will be in the National Championship game.

Someone forgot to tell Georgia's defense that "rule."

LSU is Destined to "FAIL"

"The Fail Room" - Bama's Visitors LR

I was about to head to bed when Sportscenter ran another one of these stories for LSU/Alabama, and I just had to share. 

Apparently, in 2008, the University of Alabama dedicated the visitor's locker room to an alumni and investment banker - James M. Fail. Yes, the man's last name is fail. The trustees at the University of Alabama could only come up with one place to put "FAIL" - above the visitor's locker room in Bryant-Denny Stadium. That's right, the visitor's locker room is called "THE FAIL ROOM."