College Football

Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall in 2012?

Is Boise State set for a dive in 2012?

As I was rolling through some of my evening reading, I came across a Bleacher Report slideshow... I know, I know... but, it got me to thinking. The article is about 5 teams who are headed for a big fall in 2012. Here are the teams BR sees as the top 5 teams that will take a dive:

"Come On, Man!"

Typically, I don't read too much into any Bleacher Report analysis or stories, but I came across this one and had to peak.

25 Most Bone-Headed Mistakes of the 2011 College Football Season

Pretty funny and crazy videos from the college football season. However, this one had to take the cake:

Ejection without Representation

The Blawg House's College Bowl Review - Part 1

That sweet scent in the air is not your mama's cookies, it is the College Bowl Season. Here at the Blawg House, we're going to try and help out you or your buddies with your college bowl pick'em this year to help you win those greenbacks!

Needless to say, with games starting this Saturday, we need to go ahead and get these early previews out of the way so you can get your picks in for the weekend!


Gildan New Mexico Bowl
2:00pm EST - ESPN

Monday Lunch Links

I don't know if it was the beating from LSU, the BCS craziness, or just the fact that college football is close to the end... but I am sick as a dog, and basically passed out last night before being able to do some posts. Therefore, today, I just wanted to give you all some Monday Lunch Links to help pass the day away.

The Blawg House's Bye Week Picks & Upsets

Wilson & the Badgers are on Upset Alert

Ah... I just love bye week Saturdays. Just a little work in the mornings, listening/watching College Gameday, and a full day of stress free college football. 'Tis the life!

Since Georgia is off this weekend, I thought it might be a good chance to throw my picks and upsets out there - just to see if they stick.

12:00pm -  4. Oklahoma State (-7.5) at Missouri 

This is a game that many people are thinking is a fall game for the 'Pokes. I don't think so. Oklahoma State has been living on the edge, but I don't see them tripping up this weekend.

Georgia Football Gets High Valuation

Georgia Ranks #2

The economy is in the crapper, the state of Georgia just released that unemployment has risen, and there seems to be an "Occupy:____" in every American city because of the downfall of the economy. However, at the Butts-Mehre building, Georgia received some pretty good news - well, if they were thinking about selling off the football program.

Georgia vs. Boise State Recap

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Boise State Broncos
September 3rd, 2011

Well... That Sucked!

In a sea of red-clad Georgia fans, Kellen Moore and Boise State managed to solidify two things - 1. They are a top 5 team & 2. Georgia's fall from grace is far from over. Time and time again, Georgia's offensive line were manhandled up front - compound that with continuous mental mistakes and questionable offensive philosophy - and you get what you saw last night, Boise beating Georgia in every aspect of the game.

I'm still in Atlanta and won't post a full review until I have time to watch the game again, but some things are sticking out to me:


As we go into this first weekend of college football, it has been a lot of what is to be expected - FBS teams blowing out FCS and lower level FBS teams. However, the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS are down 31-28 with 7:24 left in the 4th to UTAH STATE.