LSU is Destined to "FAIL"

"The Fail Room" - Bama's Visitors LR

I was about to head to bed when Sportscenter ran another one of these stories for LSU/Alabama, and I just had to share. 

Apparently, in 2008, the University of Alabama dedicated the visitor's locker room to an alumni and investment banker - James M. Fail. Yes, the man's last name is fail. The trustees at the University of Alabama could only come up with one place to put "FAIL" - above the visitor's locker room in Bryant-Denny Stadium. That's right, the visitor's locker room is called "THE FAIL ROOM." 

Here is a part of the press release from about the 2008 dedication:

Despite a lifetime of philanthropic giving to a variety of causes, James M. Fail never felt the desire to have anything actually named in his honor. "After all," he says, "who would want anything with the name `Fail' on it?"

In ceremonies Monday morning at Bryant-Denny Stadium, his question was finally answered. Made possible by Fail's generous gift to the Crimson Tide Foundation, the Visitors' Locker Room was officially named "The Fail Room."

That, my friends, is just ridiculous - and hilarious. What is more ridiculous is the Tide's record at home since the dedication - 18-1 - with the only loss coming from the eventual National Champions, Auburn.

Now, we all know the guys in orange from Knoxville have always been jealous of the Crimson Tide. Now, we know where this came from...

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