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Bowl Picks - January 2nd

So, those New Year's Eve picks really sucked! We pulled off Texas A&M and Utah, but Illinois, Cinci, and Auburn really messed up our record. As of January 2nd, 2012, we sit with a bowl record of 16-7, which isn't bad - but we need better to lead our pool.

So, here are the picks (minus the Outback Bowl - see preview) for the January 2nd bowl games:

Ticketcity Bowl
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012 - 12:00pm EST - ESPNU

Ticketcity Bowl

#19 Houston Cougars (12-1, 8-0 C-USA) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-3, 6-2 Big 10)

Preview: Although I am almost pretty positive that Houston would much rather be playing in the Sugar Bowl, there isn't a way in hell I'd be backing Penn State in a bowl game in their situation. Case Keenum and Co. are looking to continue their record breaking year, and, although Coach Sumlin is off to Texas A&M, Houston will be in good hands as their #1 offense goes against a stout, but vulnerable defense.

Pick: Again, this pick is obvious. There isn't another team in more turmoil than Penn State. I know PSU's defense is stout, but I think Case is going to try and go out with a bang. Look for Houston to pull out all the tricks to get the "W" in this game.

Houston - 42 / PSU - 24 Gator Bowl
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012 - 1:00pm EST - ESPN2

Gator Bowl

Ohio State Buckeyes (6-6, 3-5 Big Ten) vs. Florida Gators (6-6, 3-5 SEC)

Preview: So, should we just go ahead and rename this the "Meyer Bowl?" This game definitely has a lot of off field drama, but, when the whistle blows, you're going to see two very different teams. Florida has struggled all season, but, not the same way as Ohio State. Florida has yet to find an identity on offense or defense. Ohio State has an identity and his name is Braxton Miller. The young QB has made decent strides in the air, but the plays he's made with his feet will be the story - and the future story, especially under Coach Meyer.

Pick: This is another game that I feel pretty confident about. Florida's defense and offense have been pretty terrible all year long. I think OSU breaks open some big plays and Florida stuggles to get it going.

OSU - 31 / UF - 17

Capital One Bowl
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012 - 1:00pm EST - ESPN

Capital One Bowl

#9 South Carolina Gamecocks (10-2, 6-2 SEC) vs. #20 Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-3, 5-3 Big 10)

Preview: This game is a very intriguing matchup. Nebraska's option attack could pose a little bit of a threat to USC's defense. The Huskers' have Rex Burkhead (1,268 yards rushing) and QB Taylor Martinez as threats in the run game. It will be up to USC's defense - led by Melvin Ingram and Jadaveon Clowney - to slow down Nebraska's 14th ranked rushing offense.

Pick: Although Nebraska does have a good rushing attack, I think USC's defense is the difference. Clowney and Ingram are terrors on the line and their secondary has the ability to definitely lock down the Nebraska receivers and they will play with 7 in the box and will stop the Huskers.

USC - 24 / Neb - 13

Rose Bowl
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012 - 5:00pm EST - ESPN

Rose Bowl

#10 Wisconsin Badgers (11-2, 6-2 Big 10) vs. #5 Oregon Ducks (11-2, 8-1 Pac 12)

Preview: The Rose Bowl game will definitely be one of the best bowl games of the 2011-2012 season. Talk about two very different styles. Wisconsin is led by Montee Ball and Russell Wilson in a big, power attack, while Oregeon is led by the fast pace attack of Darren Thomas, LaMichael James, and Kenjon Barner. Both offenses are tops in the nation in rushing and scoring, so it should be a pretty high scoring affair.

Pick: In a game like this, I think the team with the better offense wins - just because I feel like the playmakers tend to take over big games like this. If it gets to a shoot out, Oregon has the ability to hit fast and often and will end up doing exactly that.

Oregon - 42 / Wisconsin - 34


Fiesta Bowl
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2012 - 8:30pm EST - ESPN

Fiesta Bowl

#4 Stanford Cardinal (11-1, 8-1 PAC 12) vs. #3 Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-1, 8-1 Big 12)

Preview: TheFiesta Bowl is definitely the toughest game to pick, so I've got it at my lowest confidence pick. On one side, you have Andrew Luck and the very disciplined Cardinal team, and, on the other side, the high powered attack of OSU that is led by Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon. On paper, these teams are just about even - with OSU having the slight statistical advantage. That being said, Andrew Luck will be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and this will be his last game to ensure potential NFL GM's that he is that guy.

Pick: Yes, I know it is different logic than the Rose Bowl pick, but I like the more powerful team in this one. I think OSU will have a let down game because of not being in the National Championship game, and, Andrew Luck will show why he is the #1 pick.


Stanford - 31 / OSU - 24



Georgia Tech Loses Another Bowl Game - Sweet Tears of Sadness

Man... I just knew Coach Paul Johnson was going to ruin my afternoon. North Avenue Trade School was up 24-10 going into the 4th quarter, and everyone knows CPJ is 10-2 when leading in the 4th. Hell, with a 2 TD lead, an offense as explosive as Johnson's can basically just move the ball for 1 or 2 first downs and drown the clock. But, not yesterday!

Yesterday, something amazing happened. Georgia Tech LOST its 8th straight bowl game. I caught an ear full by some for picking Utah, but, I just knew somehow, some way, GT would blow it. Yes, Georgia Tech, may have the longest consecutive bowl streak, however, their up there for consecutive bowl losses, as well.

So, now that the game has come and gone, what do you think the GT faithful over at StingTalk have to say? Enjoy...

Good coaches win bowl games
Re: I agree. Paul Johnson didn't call a good game today at all. He was 10-2 when leading in the 4th quarter. We were up by TWO TD's and he can't find a way to move the ball. Its just awful. He pissed this one away and a whole lot of people will jump off his bandwagon because of this.

My take after year 4 of CPJ
...That said, this loss is 100% on him and I know the 0-4 bowl record and 1-3 versus UGA are unacceptable period. There's a lot of fan jumping off the CPJ bandwagon and righfully so. More so, Paul Johnson deserves the criticism he gets. When he came to GT he made some comment about Gailey never doing anything and that playing inthe humanitarian bowl were jokes. Well, we have two bowl losses that are solely on CPJ in mid tier bowls. Jokes on you Paul...

Paul Must Go!
I don't care to say it. Paul Johnson needs to be showed the door now!!! His offense has proven to be nothing more than a gimmick and the defense has not improved at all under him. He won his big games with Gaileys boys and now we have a roster full of SoCon talent. It would take a real Coach a couple of years to get this thing right. If I never see the option again in my life it would be great. Coach Johnson will lose to Georgia and lose the Bowl game every year. I would love to watch a more exciting brand of football and also not have such an abrasive Head Coach. The Tech nation deserves a real Coach not some Snake oil salesman. Is this not the reason Coach Gailey was shown the door. Losing to georgia and losing the bowl game? At least under Gailey he brought in some good / exciteing players to watch and Gailey also passed the ball some!!!! Get out Johnson and take the Option with you.

Man... those are some real gems! Happy New Year, Bulldog fans!

New Year's Eve Bowl Picks - Part 2

Hopefully, the Part 1 picks got us to 17-4, and we'll look to finish off 2011 with a Bowl Pick record of 19-4 - which would be pretty good.

Here are our picks for the last 2 games of 2011:

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 - 3:30pm EST - ABC

Liberty Bowl

Cincinnati Bearcats (9-3, 5-2 Big East) vs. Vanderbilt Commodores (6-6, 2-6 SEC)

Preview: Cinci and Vandy come into this game on opposite ends of the spectrum. Cinci was the co-Big East champ, while Vandy barely was bowl elligible in the SEC. However, this game is actually in Vandy's favor. Vandy's defense is really outstanding and their offense - with Rodgers and Stacy leading - has come on as of late. The Bearcats may or may not be without starting QB Zach Collaros - which would not be good vs Vandy's ball hawk secondary.

Pick: I'm going with Vandy in this game. I just like Rodgers and Stacy too much to pick against them. Also, you have to know that James Franklin wants this game so he can claim he put Vandy on the map. This game is definitely who wants it more, and Vandy will want it.

Vandy - 31 / Cinci - 14

Chick-Fil-A Bowl
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 - 7:30pm EST - ESPN

Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Virginia Cavaliers (8-4, 5-3 ACC) vs. #25 Auburn Tigers (7-5, 4-4 SEC)

Preview: Virginia was "this" close to making it to the ACC Championship game. However, a big loss to rival VT led the Cavs to Atlanta to take on the reeling Auburn Tigers. Auburn has had some big time turnover this bowl season. They lose both their DC and OC - which will be good next year, but Malzahn will be on the sideline tonight. Virginia, however, is not scared of Auburn - who's defense gives up around 30 points a game and over 400 yards.

Pick: I like Virginia in this game because I feel like Auburn is going to struggle with the physicality of Virginia's front 5. That group has only given up 15 sacks all year and they average over 160 yards on the ground per game. You gotta like those numbers against a pretty terrible Auburn team.

Virginia - 34 / Auburn - 24



New Year's Eve Bowl Picks - Part 1

So, a 2-2 record yesterday was not what we expected... however, the Tulsa and Iowa State games were really toss ups and either team could have won. Regardless, we're sitting at 14-4 on the bowl season, which isn't too shabby.

The last games of 2011 will be played tonight, so here is part 1 of our New Years Eve games:

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 - 12:00pm EST - ESPN

Car Care Bowl

Texas A&M Aggies (6-6, 4-5 Big-12) vs. Northwestern Wildcats (6-6, 3-5 Big 10)

Preview: After a disappointing season, A&M fired Mike Sherman and hired Kevin Sumlin to lead them into their first season in the SEC. However, today, the Aggies will be coached by Aggies' DC, Tim DeRuyter. Northwestern, on the other hand, finished the season on a 4-1 run after a 5 game losing streak.

Pick: This game is going to be a little bit of a high scoring affair. I am going to go with Ryan Tannehill in this one to be the difference maker. If Cyrus Gray can't play, A&M will need to sling the rock around all day in order to get the win, and I really like Tannehill - regardless of the disappointing season.

A&M - 42 / NW - 31

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 - 2:00pm EST - CBS

Sun Bowl

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (8-4, 5-3 ACC) vs. Utah Utes (7-5, 4-5 PAC-12)

Preview: Both teams in this bowl had somewhat of a disappointing season. GT started off 6-0 before the losing 4 of their last 6. The Utes also struggled in the new Pac-12, but won 4 out of their last 5. The post season record for these teams is pretty different. GT is 0-6 in post season play in the last 6 years and Utah is 6-1 under Coach Whittingham.

Pick: I actually have Utah winning this game in a little bit of an upset. The reason is the post season success of the two teams. GT struggles against defenses who are athletic and who are disciplined, and Utah is both! They allow less than 20 points a game, and, while I think GT scores more than that, I see Utah getting a few more stops than the Jackets.

Utah - 28 / GT - 21

Kraft Fight Hungar Bowl
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 - 3:30pm EST - ESPN

Fight Hunger Bowl

Illinois Fighting Illini (6-6, 2-6 Big 10) vs. UCLA Bruins (6-7, 5-4 PAC-12)

Preview: Well, UCLA comes in as the first ever team with a losing record to a bowl game. After being the worst division champion, ever, the Bruins got blown out by Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship to get to 7 losses. Illinois, like UCLA, comes in to the game without a coach and a little bit of a mutiny on their hands. With their administration at ends with coaches, the Fighting Illini may have a little trouble focusing on Kevin Prince and the UCLA offense.

Pick: This game is another toss up. However, because of the stories we're getting out of Illinois' camp, I like the Bruins in this game because of... well... a little big more stability? Don't look for a shoot out though, it'll probably be pretty close.

UCLA - 24 / Illinois - 17



John Jenkins Returning for 2012

If you haven't seen the updates this morning, UGA NG John Jenkins has decided to return to Georgia for the 2012 season.

#UGA NG John Jenkins says today he's definitely coming back for senior season.
Dec 30 via Mobile WebFavoriteRetweetReply

With Jarvis & Jenkins returning, that is huge for the Georgia Defense. Look for other players to start falling into line, as well.

Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall in 2012?

Is Boise State set for a dive in 2012?

As I was rolling through some of my evening reading, I came across a Bleacher Report slideshow... I know, I know... but, it got me to thinking. The article is about 5 teams who are headed for a big fall in 2012. Here are the teams BR sees as the top 5 teams that will take a dive:

  1. Oklahoma State
  2. Boise State
  3. Penn State
  4. Houston
  5. Southern Miss

Those are "huge" stretches by any means, however, those teams should all definitely see a fall from grace - especially Boise State and Oklahoma State, who are very senior heavy.

The question I have is, who, in the SEC, is on the rise and fall for 2012. Here's my opinion on each team:

  • Alabama
    • Outlook: Bama always reloads, however, losing Trent Richardson and some key defensive players will make winning the West a tough challenge.
    • Stock: Steady
  • Arkansas
    • Outlook: Arkansas' Tyler Wilson makes the Hogs a dangerous team in the West. If they can solidify their coordinators, they could be just as good or better in 2012.
    • Stock: Steady
  • Auburn
    • Outlook: Losing their DC is probably a good thing. Losing Malzahn is not. Auburn is really becoming a sinking ship with the rumors of Dyer transferring.
    • Stock: Falling
  • Florida
    • Outlook: After a 6-6 season, things can't get much worse for Coach Boom - well, until their OC left after one crappy year. Florida will be installing a new scheme again in 2012 and that's not good.
    • Stock: Falling
  • Georgia
    • Outlook: A 10-3 season and an SEC East Championship was huge for the Dawgs. However, getting 17 potential starters back and a favorable schedule will make UGA appealing.
    • Stock: Rising
  • Kentucky
    • Outlook: Kentucky really had a miserable season and things don't look to get much better. However, they can't get much worse. My opinion, they'll be about the same.
    • Stock: Steady
  • LSU
    • Outlook: Can you get much better than a #1 ranking and the best team in the nation? Well, LSU will definitely put that to the test next year with a loaded 2012 team.
    • Stock: Rising
  • Mississippi
    • Outlook: Poor Hugh Freeze. You come back into the SEC, but you have to go through Murder's Row on the road this season.
    • Stock: Falling
  • Mississippi State
    • Outlook: MSU definitely didn't have the season they thought they would after a big 2009 season. However, Mullen is too good to stay 6-6 or worse another year.
    • Stock: Rising
  • Missouri
    • Outlook: First season in the SEC will definitely be a change for Mizzou. I think they'll have a tougher time adjusting than A&M will.
    • Stock: Falling
  • South Carolina
    • Outlook: You know, how do you not like USC in 2012 - besides their schedule. They get Lattimore and most of their very good defense back. However, coordinator trouble may be bad, too.
    • Stock: Rising
  • Tennessee
    • Outlook: Tennessee just will not get any better. I'm starting to think that Dooley may just not be the guy for the job. They need a ton of players and now.
    • Stock: Falling
  • Texas A&M
    • Outlook: New coach. New conference. New season. I like the hire by A&M and think they'll be a very good fit in the SEC - just sucks they'll be in the West playing Bama, Ark, and LSU.
    • Stock: Rising
  • Vanderbilt
    • Outlook: James Franklin really made Vanderbilt have a newfound confidence this year. They played much better and Rogers is a good fit at Vandy.
    • Stock: Rising
So, there you have it, Dawg fans. Who do you see as teams on the rise and teams on decline in 2012?