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"I" Wish I Knew

Its starting to be a theme I've seen over and over again as more people begin to look over Saturday night's game.

Like me, the Senator wonders what happened to our I-formation.

When Georgia went to its I-formation stuff, the results were often successful, but it seemed that Bobo used it as little more than a change of pace to the basic game plan. That was a shame, as it turned out that many of the things we all thought were available for Georgia to exploit – superior speed and matchup problems with the tight ends, for example – were there to deploy.

Hopefully the coaches will get back to what works and stop trying to out think themselves.

Georgia vs. Boise State Recap

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Boise State Broncos
September 3rd, 2011

Walking into the Georgia Dome, there was only one word I could conjure up to describe how the Bulldog Nation was feeling going into the game vs. the #5 team in the nation - electric. The echoes of Bulldog chants rolled throughout every level of the Georgia Dome. When the pre-game videos began, little did the Bulldog faithful know the popular "It's Saturday" video would be played. At that point, the 50,000+ Georgia fans in attendance began to rock the Georgia Dome - after that, there was not much to cheer about.

Offensive Review

Outside of about 3 plays, the Georgia Offense did little to show its "revamped" air & ground attack. From the beginning through the end of the game, mental mistakes, failed execution, and a lack of a big-time player described the offensive identity. Now, that being said, Boise State's defense is as good as advertised. Their inside defensive linemen were big, fast, and made camp in the Georgia backfield more times than the boys in Red and Black wanted.

The big question I have about the no-huddle offense was not that I wasn't in favor of it, but why, after 3&Out after 3&Out did we not go back to our bread and butter - the pro set. I am a huge fan of the I and pro-set. It plays to our strength & size, and allows us to be balanced. Our play action pass kept their defense on its heels and allowed us to find seems in their defenses. Crowell showed some flashes (4.0 avg/per carry) and I really do see him as a starting tailback in the SEC - I wish the same could be said about Richard Samuel. I want so bad for him to succeed, because he is a team player - but my question is - is this really the best thing for Georgia?

The big plays were great! Boykin's speed sweep (with a HUGE Figgin's block) was really a special play at that point in the game. However, it was hard to get really excited about the others (Charles' TD and Mitchell's TD). However, Murray read the safety beautifully on that pass to Mitchell.

I will reserve a lot of judgement on the offense for a few more games. I really do think Boise is that good!

Defensive Review

Some people may disagree with me, but I was very impressed with the defense. If you would have told me that at half time we'd only be down 14-7, I would have taken it 10 times out of 10. As the game came to an end, I have to say, I became a believer in Kellen Moore. He was impressive, very efficient, and had a quick release.

The loss of Alec Ogletree cannot be overlooked. We had to replace him with a true freshman and a walk-on. With the way Boise dinked and dunked the ball over the middle - one has to question how 'Tree would have handled it differently.

The interior of the defense was great. There were many times in which Geathers and Jenkins had great penetration. Jones and Robinson are great players on defense, and I think our secondary is actually pretty good (I reserve the right to change that opinion as the season continues). They will have a HUGE challenge in South Carolina next week, and will need to play much better to upset the East's favored team.

In 6 days, we play South Carolina. Our SEC record still says 0-0 and the road to Atlanta is still open. However, the players and coaches really need to dig, search, and claw to find a way to win next week. As for the heat on Mark Richt's seat - it has definitely turned up. I am in CMR's camp, but he needs the game more than any other in his career. If we don't leave Sanford with a W next week, things in Athens will get interesting.

Well... That Sucked!

In a sea of red-clad Georgia fans, Kellen Moore and Boise State managed to solidify two things - 1. They are a top 5 team & 2. Georgia's fall from grace is far from over. Time and time again, Georgia's offensive line were manhandled up front - compound that with continuous mental mistakes and questionable offensive philosophy - and you get what you saw last night, Boise beating Georgia in every aspect of the game.

I'm still in Atlanta and won't post a full review until I have time to watch the game again, but some things are sticking out to me:

1. When did we go to a 80% spread team? Georgia's offense is successful out of the PRO-SET! I would love to know how many completions came from the gun compared to under center. One drive late in the game, particularly, we began in the I-formation, ran the ball successfully, used play-action to get TE's open, and had Boise on it's heels. Yet, we get to the 40 and the drive stalls when we decide to get into the gun and try to sling the ball around.

2. Is our offensive line REALLY THAT BAD? We knew going in the depth was going to be a factor, but everything I had heard out of Georgia's camp is that the first 5 was a top unit in the nation. Last night? They were man handled at times. I hope we can solve this soon - or we're in for a long season!

3. The defense is much improved. It may not look it, but if you would have told me at the half it would only be 14-7, I'd take it. Moore was just as good as advertised and their RB is GREAT! I paid a lot of attention to the interior D and they were good. We didn't put a lot of pressure on Moore, but I'd really attribute that to Moore than to our lack of D. However, you could tell they were gassed after continuous 3 & outs by the offense.

It'll be a long drive from here to Savannah, but it seems like we've had this drive far too often in the last 3 seasons. I am curious though - were we that bad or were they that good? Only the future knows.


As we go into this first weekend of college football, it has been a lot of what is to be expected - FBS teams blowing out FCS and lower level FBS teams. However, the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS are down 31-28 with 7:24 left in the 4th to UTAH STATE.

We'll see how All-In Auburn and ole' Gene C. are after this scare (or upset???) God, I love college football!!!
Update: Well, Auburn pulled it out with two late quick TD's and one PERFECT onside kick. It looks like it might be a long year on the Plains.

Game Day means... LAUNCH DAY!

Thanks for stopping by - I'm really excited about starting a new UGA blog from my own perspective. So, wait, who am I? For this site, you'll notice I am the main writer, contributor, designer, and editor - I go by UGACory. For who I really am, I'll just give some basics - UGA Alum (c/o 2007),have coached high school football (QB's and Offensive Coordinator), and general football enthusiast. I've always enjoyed various UGA sites and blogs, and have felt like I could offer some interesting contributions to the college football blog world - especially from the view of a coach (and not the general lunatic fringe).

All that being said, I cannot begin to say how excited I am about tonight's game. We will be sitting on the 40 yard line and will be cheering on the Red & Black (or Red & Red?). This match-up is much more intriguing than the last time these two teams met in 2005. That year I was a junior in Athens, and we really.... really.... really beat the absolute (you know) out of the boys in orange and blue. However, this year, the roles are reversed. Boise State comes into the game ranked #5 and Georgia is the 3-pt underdog in the Georgia Dome. Let's look at some of what I think are the KEY match-ups between Georgia and Boise.

1. Georgia's NEW front 7 vs. the Boise State offensive line.
- Look for Geathers & Jenkins to open up Robinson & Ogletree to keep Boise's stud RB in check. If they can anchor the middle and have our 3 & 5 techs keep guys off of our LB's, we may be able to limit the damage.

2. Georgia's Special Teams vs. Boise's Special Teams.
- Experience, experience, experience. When it comes to kicks & returns in critical times, I love having players who have made big time plays in big time games. Boykin, Smith, Butler, and Walsh are guys who have been through it all. There's a reason we rank #1 as a unit. We'll see if Boise decides to challenge our return men and if Boise's new kickers can stand up to kicking when the game is on the line.

3. Kellen Moore & Boise's WR vs. Georgia's Secondary
- There's not a whole lot more about Moore that needs to be written - he's a good, smart, winning QB who gets the ball out in time and runs a GREAT timing offense and will pick apart defenses. However, you cannot overlook the losses in the Boise WR group. Not to mention the loss of a WR yesterday over eligibility issues. If Georgia's DB's can get their hands on Boise's WR's and disrupt their routes, they can limit Boise's damage in the air.

As I pointed out throughout, its all about limiting the damage tonight on offense. Its so hard to see how we will do on offense with so many question marks - but I do like Aaron Murray commanding the system. As for a prediction, I like the good guys by 11.