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Georgia Looks to Have Big NFL Class

OL Cordy Glenn is the Highest Rated Dawg

One of the tough things about being a college football fan is that you only get to enjoy players for a few years before they're gone. The good thing is, however, you get a chance to see a few of them represent UGA in the NFL.

This year's senior class will definitely go down as one of my favorites - with Bam, Aron, and Ben Jones leading. As they prepare to go to the pros, Dawg fans will have a lot to cheer about come draft weekend. Many of the Georgia seniors look to be early round guys, so Georgia could be well represented:

Most projections I’ve seen have Glenn, the 6-foot-5, 348-pound tackle from Riverdale, being the first Bulldog off the board. I’ve seen him listed anywhere between 23 and 31, which is first round, of course. ESPN’s Mel Kiper has Glenn rated No. 12 on his Big Board.The most comprehensive prospect ranking iI found was this one from According to those ratings, Charles is the next highest ranked at 54, followed by Jones (64) and Boykin (72). So those guys all have second-round potential, according to the experts.

In my opinion, my rankings would be similar to those, but with Boykin making headway after his pro-day, combine, and interviews. Here is where I see guys going:

  • Cordy Glenn - 1st Round (Will be an OG in the NFL)
  • Orson Charles - Mid 2nd Round (Could go earlier with weak TE class)
  • Brandon Boykin - Late 2nd Round (Seen as a 3rd round guy, but I think he'll move up)
  • Ben Jones - Mid-Late 3rd Round (Will move down because of size)
  • Justin Anderson - Mid-Late 5th Round (Could move up because of size, will be OG in NFL)
  • DeAngelo Tyson - Mid-Late 6th Round (I think he moves up from Unsigned Free Agent to here)
  • Aron White - Unsigned Free Agent
  • Bruce Figgins - Unsigned Free Agent
  • Drew Butler - Unsigned Free Agent
  • Blair Walsh - Unsigned Free Agent
Georgia guys do a very good job of moving up on boards with their individual workouts, interviews, and pro-days. Outside of Cordy, I think some of the guys will not do as well at the combine, but guys like Charles and Boykin will due well because they are physical freaks.
Needless to say, this could be one of the best Georgia classes since the 2009 draft with Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno.

Keith Marshall - AKA - FLASH

In case you haven't seen it yet, thanks to Aaron Murray, we get to see how fast our new running back is:

Yeah, that's Malcolm Mitchell, one of the fastest guys on the team that Marshall beats out. If that guy can carry the rock, he may just break some big runs this year! We hope!

Georgia Bulldogs Return to do Great Things in 2012

B. Rambo leads a group of seniors in 2012

Friday the 13th was a pretty good day an amazing day for the Georgia program.

Although any day a running back like Todd Gurley decides to commit to Georgia, it is a great day. However, the 3pm press conference Friday gave the Bulldog Nation a shot of steriods with the announcement that every eligible player - sans Orson Charles - decided to return to Georgia for the 2012 season. Not only that, however, but back-up QB, Hutson Mason, has decided to stay with the program, redshirt, and have the chance to start his senior year.

After watching the press conference, I really did have goosebumps for Georgia. There are few instances when guys decide to put personal ambitions to the side and focus on the team. In today's world of college football, it was extremely rare. That is why quotes like these give the Bulldog Nation great hope for the 2012 season:

“Coming off the year we just had, with a bunch of brothers who are like, ‘Yo, this is what we want to do,’ it’s like God just placed all these people in my life for a reason,” said Jenkins, a rising senior nose guard. “For us to be together like we were just a moment ago, we pretty much put our future in each other’s hands. Cornelius could have left. B. Smith. Rambo. J.J. [rising junior linebacker Jarvis Jones]. Today goes to show what type of program Georgia has and the effect that Georgia has on young individuals like ourselves.” -


“We had options, and we chose to stay,” Washington said. “That just shows everybody we really want to do something big next season.” -


Abry Jones: "Today shows a lot of guys put aside personal dreams to come together as a team."

Sanders Commings: "Every man in this room came to Georgia with dreams of winning championships. That's the reason I stayed."

All I can say is that I am excited. I am excited about the direction of the program. I am excited about our recruiting class and the possible commitments left. I am excited for Georgia football in 2012. 

It looks like "TEAM me" is back in Athens.

Big Day for Bulldogs - Gurley Chooses UGA & More

Friday the 13th is usually a bad day for most - well, only if you're in Clemson, SC or a writer for Palmetto Sports:

Palmetto Sports

@TG1UNO: Go Dawgs! #RingTeam” New #UGA commit Todd Gurley makes it official on twitter.
Jan 13 via TweetDeckFavoriteRetweetReply


Regardless of piss poor journalism, it is a fact, Todd Gurley has decided to take his talents to Athens, GA. The Dawgs will now have some considerable young talent in the backfield. Gurley adds a running back with Samuel's power and very good speed - he could become an "every down" style back. Needless to say, the competition is going to be red hot for carries in the Georgia backfield.

Also, on another not, not only did we pick up Gurley, the Dawgs kept around a big asset:

My buddy John Bednarowski in Marietta has a story on Hutson Mason staying at UGA:
Jan 13 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

GATA Hutson!

Todd Gurley Announcement Could Be Big for Dawgs

Tarboro (NC) RB Todd Gurley is set to announce at 2pm

Georgia already has Keith Marshall on campus and working out to become the next RB for the University of Georgia. However, the Bulldogs are not set at running back just yet. 

With the 2011 season being almost comical in regards to the running back situation, Georgia is bound and determined to find a running back - or 3 - to take them to the next level. That is why the 2pm Friday announcement of Todd Gurley is so big for Georgia.

Gurley made waves in the post season with his excellent performances in his all-star games. During the season, Gurley was almost a sure Georgia lean... but, lately, Clemson, UNC, and NC State have crept into the picture. Since that time, Gurley has played his recruitment close to the chest.

Most people feel that Georgia is still the team to beat, but, me, I've been getting a little worried. When we offered Davis, I thought for sure we'd lose Gurley, but that hasn't happened. In fact, Georgia is probably more on Gurley than ever. Georgia needs running backs and Gurley is a great fit.

If you had to ask me, I would pick Georgia as my guess for where Todd ends up. He has a great relationship with B-Mac and Marshall. Having a close friend to share the college experience with is huge, and I think both these young men know how big of an opportunity is there for them if they decide they want to take on the challenge. 

Here's to hoping @TG1UNO picks the Dawgs tomorrow!

Analyzing Mike Bobo - 2007 - 2011

Bobo took over as Georgia's OC in 2007

Mike Bobo is, for all intents and purposes, Georgia's scapegoat. After the last few down years and Georgia's losses this year, Bobo was continually questioned on philosophy, scheme, and playcalling.

Having been an offensive coordinator, I can completely see the other side of the argument. Bobo, in my opinion, has definitely grown as an OC. We have many more spread philosophy than we ever had with Richt. Our QB's are putting up record numbers and our offense is putting up better yards and number of plays than anytime under Richt.

However, the fact remains than since 2007, when Georgia went on a tear - going 11-2 and winning the Sugar Bowl, Georgia has struggled. In 2008, the Dawgs finished 10-3, but didn't show up to any big games. In 2009, Georgia went 8-5 - the first 7-5 season in the Richt Era. In 2010, Georgia had their first losing season since before Mark Richt became the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Even though this year the Dawgs went 10-4, there were times that Georgia just did not show up to play.

So, I decided to look into the objective statistics of Mike Bobo's reign of the Georgia offense. I wanted to see if he has grown as a coordinator or gone backwards. Here is the breakdown of every major offensive category for Georgia football since 2007:

Georgia Offensive Stats - 2007-2011

Instead of trying to have you interpret everything, I though we'd go section by section through the main areas:

Scoring Offense

Since Bobo took over, Georgia has not averaged more than 32.62 points per game. In fact, outside of the 2009 season when Joe Cox was our QB, Georgia has scored right at 32 points per game. Now, in the SEC, if your defense cannot hold opponents to less than 32/game - there are going to be losses. After seeing how Grantham did in 2011, if Bobo can keep the scoring pace going or higher, 2012 should be a good year.

1st Downs

First downs are key in offensive game plans. If you can stay in front of the chains and continue to work the clock, you will have more success. In the two years in Mike Bobo's reign that Georgia did not have 10 wins, you can see a big drop off in 1st downs. In 2008 and 2009, Georgia was way behind the chains, which means their offense was not on the field enough, and the offense was not successful.

Rushing Offense

In my opinion, in the SEC, it doesn't matter how good your QB is if you don't have a great rushing attack. 2007 was obviously a big year with Knowshon and Thomas playing a big role in the team's 32 TD's that season. However, outside of that year, Georgia's offensive production from it's backfield has been weak. The most rushing TD's scored in one season since 2007 has been 21, which is not good enough in the SEC. You need to be scoring 30+ rushing TD's a year to be a big time contender in the SEC. Since that 2007 season, we just have not had that rushing ability - and I can guarantee you, its not the play calls - its the talent and execution by the OL and RB positions.

Passing Offense

There is one thing you can't say about Bobo and that is that he is bad at developing QB's. As Stafford grew over the 2006-2008 seasons, you can see the improvement from his sophomore season to junior season. Stafford had a jump of over 1000 yards, set a school record in passing TD's, and completed over 60% of his throws. Now, Stafford is a legit #1 QB - as seen by his season in Detroit this year. As for Aaron Murray, I will not say that he is as polished as Stafford, but, he also does not have a Knowshon Moreno in the backfield. Since Murray has taken over, he has passed for over 6,000 yards, thrown over 60 TD's, and only has 22 INT's - about a 3:1 ratio. Murray, however, is still young and needs to develop into a QB that makes better decisions. If he shows the growth Stafford did between his SO-JR year, then Murray could have a big year (if Georgia can find a RB).

Total Offense

This, in my opinion, is the tell-tale sign of growth as a coordinator. How many plays are you getting in in the game? How many yards are you getting? Is your offense evolving to the game today and becoming better? Outside of the 2009 season with Joe Cox - the answer is abundantly, YES! During Stafford's final two years, the offense grew and had over 5,500 yards and averaged 6.7 yards/play. In the two years Aaron Murray has ran the offense, Georgia has had over 5,000 yards both years, and, this year, Georgia ran an amazing 1,016 plays from scrimmage. Those are numbers of an offense that is working and grinding out play after play to get more and more out of the offense.


In my opinion, I really do believe Mike Bobo is a very good offensive coordinator. He does a good job of running our system and, generally, has a pulse for the game. The question that I am sure all of you want answered is why has Georgia fallen off since 2007? I think the answer is actually quite simple - we have lacked the necessary talent on the offensive line and the backfield for the offense to take the next step.

In 2008, Georgia's OL was soft and weak. Moreno was not nearly as good as he was in 2007 - as seen in the TD production. In 2009 and 2010, Georgia's backfield and offensive lines were terrible. In 2011, Georgia's line was even worse and the running back situation was comical. 

The Michigan State game was a perfect example of how we need to take that next step in the OL development and RB talent in order to be in the elite group of the SEC. When you are up in the 4th quarter and your coach calls for you to pound the rock, it used to be a time to impose your will onto the other team. It was a chance to let the hogs loose and let them do what they do best. Running backs are supposed to get better as the game winds down - not get worse.

What we need to do is not look at our offensive coordinator and question him, we need to look at our guys and challenge them to be man enough to take on the challenge of grinding out the clock in the 4th. That is what good teams do. Just look at Bama in the 4th quarter against LSU. Their run game sputtered for 8 quarters against them, but they still grind and grind until they break one.

Georgia fans, it isn't the X's and O's right now... its the Johnny and Joes. Our scheme works. Our offensive philosophy is sound. We need better players and tougher players to man up in the 4th quarter. The good news is... we started last year with some amazing talent. This year, the additions of Theus, Beard, Marshall, and, hopefully, Gurley will give us the ability to do those things and make us a complete team.