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Signing Day Central 2012

JHC Chose UGA - No LOI Yet

Here we are - FINALLY! 


We will continue to add all of Georgia's commitments as their LOI's roll in. Below, we have a list of Georgia's top uncommitted targets with their announcement time, my prediction, and their school of choice as they roll in. Georgia has 17 total commits & are looking at 7 top targets. That gives Georgia room for any "surprise" commitments.

The page will continue to be updated throughout the day to reflect any changes in Georgia's 2012 recruiting class.

Georgia's Top Uncommitted Prospects

JaQuay Williams
Announcement Time: 8:45am
Prediction: Auburn
Decision: AUBURN

Brandon Greene
Announcement Time: 9:00am
Prediction: Alabama
Decision: ALABAMA

Josh Harvey-Clemons
Announcement Time: 9:15am
Prediction: Georgia
Decision: GEORGIA*
*Announced Georgia, however no LOI is in. ESPN is reporting family wants JHC to attend Florida, not Georgia. All communications are off with JHC at this moment. 

Will Redmond
Announcement Time: 9:30am
Prediction: Mississippi State

Josh Dawson
Announcement Time: 10:00am
Prediction: Georgia
Decision: GEORGIA

Cordarrelle Patterson
Announcement Time: 11:30am
Prediction: Georgia

Avery Young
Announcement Time: 2:00pm
Prediction: Auburn
Decision: AUBURN

Georgia's Signed Prospects

1. QB Faton Bauta (3-star) - Early Enrollee
2. RB Keith Marshall (4-star) - Early Enrollee
3. OL Mark Beard (3-star) - Early Enrollee 
4. OL John Theus (5-star) - 7:55am
5. P Collin Barber (2-star) - 8:00am
6. RB Todd Gurley (4-star) - 8:35am 
7. OL Greg Pyke (3-star) - 8:45am 
8. DT John Atkins (3-star) - 8:55am
9. WR Blake Tibbs (3-star) - 9:25am
10. DB Sheldon Dawson (3-star) - 9:30am
11. FB Quayvon Hicks (3-star) - 9:45am 
12. DE Josh Dawson (4-star) - 10:10am
13. DE Jordan Jenkins (4-star) - 10:10am
14. DE Leonard Floyd (4-star) - 10:30am 
15. TE Ty Smith (3-star) - 10:40am
16. DL Jonathan Taylor (4-star) - 10:45am 
17. DE James Deloach (3-star) - 10:50am
18. K Marshall Morgan (3-star) - 11:10am 


Examining Georgia's Most Needed Recruit

OL Avery Young could be the key recruit

As we head into Wednesday, I have started thinking back on the season and how, actually, surprisingly good it really was. Sure, we had two bookend losses, and we need a ton of work, but - after 2010 - the 2011 season was definitely the start of an upswing.

With recruiting, Georgia has really tried to hammer home some big needs. The first need was the glowing hole that is the starting running back position at Georgia. We desperately needed quality and depth - and we got it with Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley. Both of those guys are HUGE pick ups for Georgia and will help tremendously come fall.

However, in my opinion, our biggest weakness in the past 5-6 years has been the offensive line. For a million reasons - from injuries to poor player evaluations to player development - Georgia really has not had a "stellar" offensive line group. Georgia's lack of depth at OL and their lack of a true OT was exposed during the biggest games of the season. This recruiting season, it is very important that Georgia gets some good, quality OL prospects.

Already on board at 5-star OT, John Theus, JUCO OL, Mark Beard, and OL Greg Pyke. While I am very excited about those 3 guys, I would absolutely be giddy if Georgia was able to bring in Avery Young. Although he is not as polished as Theus and would need some bulk work, his frame is a prototypical OT. He has the height and arm-span to really be a productive, elite OT. If he can get some weight added, he could shore up his biggest weakness - which is the vulnerability to a direct bull rush.

So, while we will definitely be hoping for the likes of Josh Harvery-Clemons, Cordarrelle Patterson, JaQuay Williams, Brandon Greene, and Josh Dawson - I will definitely be waiting with eager anticipation on Avery Young's decision. Should he decide to come to Georgia, it will give the Dawgs the immediate, quality depth needed to really be a player in next year's national championship hunt. He will need some work, but I definitely feel that our depth chart will give him a chance to play immediately. 

Dawgs Get Critical Commitment

ATH Sheldon Dawson is UGA's 17th Commit

With Signing Day right around the corner, not many were expecting a big commitment like Georgia got today.

The Dawgs landed 3-star ATH Sheldon Dawson from Memphis, TN. Dawson was a huge get for the Georgia Bulldogs because with a upper-class heavy defensive secondary and no DB's committed, it was important the Dogs got Dawson to switch from Memphis to Georgia. However, it was Dawson's versatility that really had the Bulldog coaches drooling.

Georgia likes Dawson as a cornerback, returner and on offense similar to the way it used Brandon Boykin, who completed his eligibility.

“They’re looking at him to kind of be like a replacement for Boykin,” Sutton said. “Play cornerback and still do things in the return game at kick return and punt return and use him in some packages on offense.”

Dawson is a very versatile weapon and the idea that he will be used like Brandon Boykin is an understatement. Memphis actually recruited Dawson to be a RB - so, needless to say, he has the skill set to help on the offensive side of the ball.

Dawson, according to, is 5'11" 169lbs, can run the 40 in 4.4, and has a 33-inch vertical. In Grantham's defense, Dawson will be an "undersized" corner, but as you can see in his highlights below, he is a tough kid with a nose for the ball and can tackle. He will definitely need to develop his coverage skills, as he is definitely more comfortable in the backfield, but Dawson will get immediate looks on special teams.

Dawson's commitment is hopefully just the start of a great finish for the class of 2012.

Updating Chances with UGA's Remaining Targets

JaQuay Williams could jump to UGA

Here we are - just one week away from Signing Day. As we approach the close of the recruiting season, Georgia is looking to fill its class with some really, really good players.

As we stand here today, I thought we'd look at a few of Georgia's remaining targets, look at their upcoming schedule, and give you my updated thoughts - based on reports around the UGA-beat and what I hear.

WR JaQuay Williams (Sandy Creek HS - GA)

Williams is becomming a big story around the Georgia beat. When Malzahn left Auburn, Williams became a huge target for Georgia. The big Sandy Creek WR has kept Georgia in the race even after meeting with Gene Chizik and their new OC. Apparently, Georgia's pitch of a pro-style attack with a top returning QB is playing big dividends with Williams. Now, as it stands, it seems as if Georgia has taken the lead. Apparently, Williams is shutting down his recruiting, but, if I had to guess, Georgia would be the one to beat with Williams.

Georgia's Chances - 65%

ATH Josh Harvey-Clemons (Lowndes HS - GA)

Josh's recruitment has really been a roller coaster for all teams involved here at the end - Georgia, Florida, and Florida State. At first, it seemed like Florida was the team to beat, then it was Georgia in a Georgia-Florida race, now, it seems as if the decision is down to FSU and UGA. The main factor? Distance. Although Georgia is the in state school, Florida State is actually closer to Valdosta, which would allow Josh's parents to see both his and his brother's games. Josh will be visiting Miami this weekend - but the 'Canes don't look to be a major player. More than likely, it will give the ATH a chance to clear his head and figure out the best choice for him. Right now, I'd say its a toss up between the Noles and Dawgs.

Georgia's Chances - 50%

OL Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens HS - FL)

Young is a guy who, like Josh, has had a roller coaster of a recruitment. He's been up and down between Auburn and Georgia. Although he's been very quiet in the news, Young has been seeing coaches from Georgia, Florida, Auburn, and Miami. In my opinion, from everything I can gather on this quiet OL, I'd say Georgia is the lean right now. Georgia's depth on the OL, Coach Friend, and the relationships at the school would give the Dawgs the edge. However, look for Auburn to be there at the end with Georgia.

Georgia's Chances - 70%

WR Cordarrelle Patterson (Hutchinson CC - KAN)

The big time JUCO WR will be deciding between UGA, Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee on Signing Day. Although his recruiting has calmed down a bit, the fire is about to be on this playmaker in a week. Patterson will choose the night before Signing Day and it will air on ESPN's Signing Day special. All thoughts right now are that Georgia is the team to beat. Georgia needs an explosive guy on the outside and Patterson could come in and be a big impact. I like the Dawgs with this WR.

Georgia's Chances - 75%

DL Dalvin Tomlinson (Henry Co - GA)

Tomlinson was thought to have been a Georgia Tech lean, but, apparently, Alabama is in the fold now. Regardless, it looks like Georgia is the odd man out in this race. My opinion? I'm okay with that. I feel that Tomlinson plays too high and would need a lot of work - compared to the DL we have committed already.

Georgia's Chances - 10%

OL Brandon Greene (Cedar Grove HS - GA)

Greene has been a long time Bama commit, however, just recently, Greene has opened the doors for Richt and Co. to come sneaking in. Reports are that Saban did not want Greene meeting with Richt and Georgia. However, it looks as if Georgia will be having an in home this week with the Dawgs. With Alabama's scholarship situation, Georgia could actually steal this one from Saban.

Georgia's Chances - 45%

DE Josh Dawson (Tucker HS - GA)

Dawson is another commit that Georgia is trying to get to flip to the Red and Black. After committing to Vanderbilt, Dawson has been recruited hard by Georgia. The 4-star DE visited Georgia earlier this month and had a really good time. He's even gone on record saying that his commitment to Vandy was up in the air. My opinion? I think the Dawgs have put this DE in the bag.

Georgia's Chances - 75%

DB Sheldon Dawson (Ridgeway HS - TN)

Dawson, the 3-star ATH/DB, has been a Memphis commit - mainly becaus the Tigers recruited him as a RB. However, it seems like Georgia and Todd Grantham have been able to swing Dawson to knowing that his future lies in the defensive backfield. Dawson would be a huge get for Georgia, as he definitely could be a Brandon Boykin type player. Right now, Georgia is definitely in the driver's seat.

Georgia's Chances - 85%

There's no knowing how the next week will play out for sure. High school athletes change their mind every day - heck, every minute. All we can hope is that these young men see the tremendous opportunity to play, and play early, at the University of Georgia. Outside of these guys, I think there could be one or two surprises on Signing Day... at least that's what I'm hearing. Who will it be? We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Senior Bowl Round-Up - Checking in with Georgia's Seniors

Cordy Glenn is UGA's Top Performer

This week's Senior Bowl practices make a huge impression on scouts and teams as we head toward the 2012 NFL Draft. The practices, which are led by NFL coaches, allow full access to players and can really get a feel for how they perform in practice and how they respond to coaching.

Georgia has a few players playing in the game - C Ben Jones, OL Cordy Glenn, CB Brandon Boykin, and P Drew Butler. Here are some updates from various media sources around the country on UGA's players:

  • C Ben Jones
    • Then there's Jones (6-2½, 304), who was one of the nation's top centers last year but played some at guard Wednesday for the first time since high school. Asked what his strengths are, Jones didn't hesitate. "My intelligence," Jones said. "I'm a smart guy. I can get the whole offensive line on the same page and I'm tough as hell." (
    • C Ben Jones, Georgia: Jones is really struggling at both guard and center, not impressed with his anchor at all. He was allowing pressure in under 2 seconds at times. He also missed an assignment badly in team drills. (
    • Georgia OL Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn continue to impress. Jones is definitely the best center down here, probably the best interior lineman over all. (
    • DT Kheeston Randall of Texas has shown a lot of power the past two days. He just drove center Ben Jones of Georgia four yards deep into the backfield. (

  • OL Cordy Glenn
    • OL Cordy Glenn of Georgia, who played left tackle as a senior for the Bulldogs, was moved back inside to guard at practice and has been very effective. He's strong and has stayed with blocks. (
    • OL Cordy Glenn of Georgia has been the talk of the South by a lot of scouts. He's got the body type, strength and movement skills to quickly start in the NFL. He's being talked about as a late-round pick with his performance the past two days. He does not back down either, and just went after Quinton Coples in drills, battling hard after the whistle had blown. (
    • Georgia offensive lineman Cordy Glenn impressed me today. He’s a massive kid at 6-5½ and 346. He’s got 35-inch arms, and I thought he hung in there really well during the 1-on-1 drills. (
    • #Georgia OT Cordy Glenn had a tough time with Quinton Coples off edge, but was VG again inside #seniorbowl (@WesBunting)

  • CB Brandon Boykin
    • Morris, former head coach for Tampa Bay, has been impressed with Boykin’s skill-set. “Brandon is going out there and using his lateral quickness,” Morris said. “He’s doing a nice job at corner and safety. Obviously, that transition should be good for him. He can do a lot of those different things, and the more things you do in this league, the better.” (
    • Brandon Boykin (CB, Georgia) was more consistent than Jenkins. Boykin is physical for a little guy, and once absolutely manhandled Jones in press coverage. Add Boykin to a growing list of scrappy little cornerbacks who could fit well with a Cover-2 defense. (
    • #Georgia CB Brandon Boykin also a stud today, physical off the line, better balance trying to close #seniorbowl (@WesBunting)

The consistent talk is the Glenn and Boykin have made some serious moves this week. Glenn is obviously more comfortable at guard, and it is showing in practice. At tackle, he has held his own and got beat at times. However, at guard, he has been dominant and has done extremely well. Boykin, on the other hand, has had to battle the fact that he is short - but his skill set at corner is standing out. Add in his versatility as a return guy and on offense, and Boykin may be looking like a mid-early 2nd round pick. 

Ben Jones and Drew Butler have had mixed reviews - which is similar to their careers at Georgia. Jones and Butler both thrived early in their careers, but have battled consistency later in their careers. Ben is not going to be the best center in the league, but he will be a solid guy. He needs to hold his own more, however. Butler needs to regain his form from his sophomore year, and he will definitely get a look.

Looking forward to the NFL draft, Georgia definitely has a shot at being well represented. The combine will help a lot of guys, and, hopefully, they will stand out and improve their stock.

Blogging On My Mind - Goals, Recruiting, & More

Why... hello there. So nice to see all of you again.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I am going through some ideas to try and make the blog better for everyone. Here are some of the things I am looking at:

  • Upgrades to The Blawg House
    • With National Signing Day coming up, I wanted to make sure the site was A-Okay in order to handle the traffic, because we will be covering the all day affair!
  • New Comments
    • My goal for 2012 is to have a more interactive blog for all. However, with site spamming and comment spamming, trying to get a better mix of security and performance.
    • The hope is that everyone (except spammers) will be allowed to comment and, hopefully, have more discussion.
  • Football Based Articles
    • I hate writing what everyone else writes about, however, with nothing going on, all we can discuss is what little Dawg stuff is going on in today's news. Therefore, after recruiting is done, I am going to get back to writing the different stuff & breakdowns that I really enjoy doing.

Right now is busy time at work, but I am definitely going to continue to try and provide you all with what you enjoy coming here for. 

As of the latest news of Chester Brown decommitting, I do not think it is a bad thing at all for Georgia. Chester has been committed for a while - based on his Dawg Night performance - but his senior year was tough. Bradwell, who, down here, is a pretty good football team, had one of their worst seasons that I can recall. As he stated, and I agreed, it was best for him to look elsewhere.

So, where does that leave Georgia? There are beginning to be whispers of some "surprise" recruits that Georgia has landed, but have been hush-hush. I still feel like we snag Avery Young, Josh Harvey-Clemons, and Patterson - so that leaves Georgia with 3-6 spots to fill, and, apparently, Georgia will get all of them filled.

Look for next Thursday to be a big day for Georgia. If I hear anything new, I will definitely pass it on to you all!