Hate Week - Most Hated Florida Gators

Tim Tebow - Most Hated Gator

Alright, it is in full swing - Georgia vs. Florida. This has to be one of the most hated rivalries in all of college football. While I try very hard to stay in the middle and present facts to back my opinions - it is hard to hide my hate for Florida. While I may loathe GT, Florida is right up there in my hate-o-meter.

In trying to form all this hate into a post, I figured, why not list some of the most hated Florida Gators of the modern era. I say "the modern era" because, before 1990 or so, Florida was the whipping boy of the SEC - and I'm pretty sure it was an all girls' school, or something. Therefore, here are some of the most hated Florida Gators:

1. Tim Tebow

(Disclaimer: I respect Tebow for how he leads, presents himself, and I believe he is one of the best college football players ever.) Ok, besides what I just wrote, I'm pretty sure I'm with every other Dawg fan in saying, "Tebow, take your eye black and shove it up your ass." The pretty boy FB/QB made life hell for the Dawgs. While Georgia may have had some success against Tebow, he went on to win 2 National Championships while he was at Florida and was the media darling of everyone - which is why we hate him. (On a tangent - it wouldn't be GA/FL week without the media blowing Tebow. I mean, really, it was freaking MIAMI! Not to mention, he sucked for 55 mins in that game... against MIAMI!)

2. Steve Spurrier

The only reason Spurrier isn't #1 is because, well, there has been more time since the visor roamed the sideline for the Gators. The pinnacle for the Dawgs' hate for Spurrier had to set in during the 1995 season in which Florida beat Georgia 52-17 in Athens. After the game, Spurrier stated that he wanted to be the first opponent to "hang half a hundred" in Athens - just because no one had ever done it before. 

3. Urban Meyer

Tim Tebow's perfect complement had to have been Urban Meyer. After getting romped and danced on in 2007, Meyer made the incident a "big deal." At the end of the 2008 game, with Florida up big late in the game, Meyer used the remaining time outs with less than a minute to play which allowed for more celebration time for Florida and more agony for Georgia.

4. Danny Wuerffel

Wuerffel was the gators starting QB when Florida beat the Dawgs 52-17 in Athens. Not only did the Heisman Trophy winner toss 250 yards and 5 TD's vs. the Dawgs, but he was also unbeaten as a Florida QB vs. Georgia and also won a National Championship in 1996. The GA/FL score that year? 47-7, but at least it was in Jacksonville.

5. Anthone Lott

Ok, so Lott isn't hated as much as the "act" that he did. In 1993, Georgia had made an improbable comeback as it appeared that Eric Zeier had completed the game tying touchdown. However, apparently, Lott called a timeout as the play happened. Florida was awarded the timeout, Lott was called for interference on the next play, and Zeier's last ditch effort hit the turf and Florida won.

6. Chris Rainey

Ah, the man who proclaimed to the college football world, "Time to die, B_tch!" While Rainey was suspended for much of the first half of the 2010 season, he came back just in time to run for 84 yards and a TD in the 2010 Georgia-Florida game. Rainey's presence allowed Florida to get back on track and threw Georgia into more of a spiral in 2010.

7. Rex Grossman

Another one of those Spurrier/Zook QB's who went undefeated vs. Georgia. Grossman, who was a Heisman candidate, handed Georgia it's only loss of the year in 2002 when a 5-3 Florida team took down the eventual SEC Champion, 8-0, Georgia. During Grossman's time at Florida, the Gators defeated the Dawgs by an average of 14 points.

8. Will Muschamp

A recent addition to the hate list, but, a good one. Willy has all but cut every tie to the University of Georgia - and I couldn't be happier. The loud mouth, hick-ass coach has done nothing but make a mockery of himself as the head ball coach in Florida. Florida fans, don't get to comfortable with Willy as your coach - he has made it clear, he has only one loyalty, and it is to dead presidents.

9. Brandon Spikes

The eye gouging linebacker for the Gators led the Florida defense to it's beat downs of the Dawgs in 2008 and 2009. During the 2009 game, Spikes was seen trying to gouge the eyes of Georgia's Washaun Ealey (looking back, he would have done us a favor). After a big media backlash, Meyer suspended his star linebacker, but he went on to be a consensus All-American.

10. Corrine Brown

I hate you because you're a f_cking moron and should not be making 1 decision that affects this country. Learn how to speak, you uneducated, illiterate POS!

There's my list... who would you add?