Good Morning from Jacksonville - Gameday Updates

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It is a wet and wonderful morning here in Jacksonville, FL. The rain has arrived this morning, but is supposed to be out of here in the next hour or so - leaving up with sunny skies, a high of 70, and 10-20mph winds today - GREAT! Gotta love kicking next to the river in Jax!

Just this one blog this morning to make sure you are following us on Twitter (@TheBlawgHouse) for live updates all day from the pre-game festivities and in-game updates - follow all the action with #GeorgiaFlorida. Hopefully AT&T will work a little better here than in Nashville!

Here is a little morning reading for those of you getting up early this morning:

The only other notable missing Bulldog will be backup WR - Israel Troupe - who will not be with the team due to undisclosed reasons. Here's to a good game and a great party!





Looking forward to the game and hoping that if we get a lead we don't let off the gas like the previous games almost killed us with vandy. Hopefully CMR and bobo learned a lesson. Teach the trader a lesson embrass will for turning his back on UGA.

If we get a lead I guarantee we don't let off! Enjoy the game!

I think bobos bs just cost us our qb. Bobo has been predictable all game and he needs to be fired

Bobo is killing us. Floridah ain't got nothing on georgia like bobo does. His play calling is so predictable.

I still stand by what I said about bobo being worthless. To get a national title we are gonna have to make a change. For an update on my statues I am completely garciaed at the moment lol

Hey, it wasn't pretty, but we got it done when we needed to - that's the mark of a team making progress and getting better. We do need to do better on offense, though!