Georgia's O.L. Wins in the Trenches vs. UF

Georgia's offense was anything but excellent in the game against Florida, however, you could definitely tell late in the game that something had turned on for Georgia's offense. Was it Richard Samuel's 5-star ability showing out? Was it the brilliance of Mike Bobo finally showing up? Actually, Socrates over at the suggests that it was actually Georgia's dominate offensive line play that helped seal the win against Florida. Here is a little bit from the article:

The offensive line performance was outstanding against the Florida Gators. I know many of you may doubt me, others can scoff or laugh, but it is my feeling they played for the first time all season with the power blocking scheme that took over the fourth quarter. Watching Gates seal off the inside against Florida for Samuel's touchdown was execution to prefection. This line is improving under Friend, and is better than last year under Searels.

If you watched the game, you saw how Florida “walled” the defensive lineman to prevent any inside runs by us, and the Florida splits were so tight that a mack truck would find difficulty running through them. Despite this formation by UF, Burnette had by far his best game and we can only hope his knee gets stronger, because he has the ability to be a great offensive guard.

The offensive line started slowly against UF, but from the beginning of the football game there was some sense as to which offensive line would dominate this game. The play of Jones, Lee, Burnette and finally Gates on the inside was especially good. Thinking of next season, with Burnette, Gates, Lee, and Houston, adding Dantzler, Andrews, Long(s) playing along with Ward and Debell off redshirts. Add to this group a top class of Theus, Brown and Pyke with a JUCO or two, it is my belief that Friend can shape a very nice offensive line for the future. Friend has convinced me his scheme will work.

You can read the entire blog entry titled, "You Betcha - Offensive Line Excelled in Jax," by clicking the link. Socrates is a guy who knows what he is talking about when it comes to X's and O's and, especially, offensive line play. I hope you enjoy the article and read some more of his stuff. As he says, if we can get just a little more quality depth along the OL, we may just be able to have a special group.