Georgia vs. Florida Recap - Mixing the Good & the Bad

Samuel's TD was a Big Moment!

I don't know if it is getting back to work on a Monday and trying to catch up or still flying high from the win in Jacksonville, but, man, has today been a crazy morning. Posting may be light today, but we'll get into the nitty gritty of Georgia-Florida and the Dawgs' homecoming match-up against New Mexico State this week.

We've all had a little time to digest the victory against the Gators, and although we still have 363 days of bragging rights, not all was great against the Gators. Georgia's win was a mixed bag of emotions - going from down 17-3 in the 1st half to the big Richard Samuel score to go up for the first time since 2007. So, what a better way to review the game than to look at the good vs. bad points of the game.

The Good

The Defense - Holding Charlie Weis' offense to 226 total yards is pretty darn impressive. Had it not been for the special teams problems again, the score might have been a lot more lopsided. Although the Gators got up 17-3 in the 1st half, Georgia was able to hold the Gators to just 3 points in the 2nd half with a big boost coming from getting Shawn Williams back.

Jarvis Jones - We've known all year long how great Jarvis Jones has been playing, but this game was truly his coming out party for the nation. Jarvis was a dominate pass rusher. He used his amazing speed to blow past the Gators' line for 4 sacks. His performance got him a helmet sticker on College Football Final and has given the Georgia defense a face for the nation.

Alec Ogletree - If you didn't notice, Alec played pretty much the entire game on defense. His presence gave the inside line backing group a completely different dynamic. For the game, Ogletree had 5 tackles, 1/2 a TFL, and a forced fumble. Although he didn't have the 12-tackle game I thought he would, his coverage skills and playmaking ability really helped the defense contain the Gators.

Richard Samuel - Is there any other Dawg you would have rather seen score that game leading TD than Richard? The guy has been the ultimate team player. At some point in the game, Richard decided he was going to take his ability and run it straight down Florida's throat. His 17 carries for 58 yards may go down as the best of his career - because of the way he got them. If you go back and watch his TD, you'll see #22 for Florida does not want any part of Richard. If he can keep this level of play up, Georgia will have a great shot of doing something special.

4th Down Shots - Hey, there may have been some mixed reasoning as to why we went for those plays, but, wow, did they work out. I hate it that Blair is in this crazy funk, but, I do like the aggressive turn for the offense. We need TD's - no matter how we get them!

Wide Receivers - So, we may have only had 169 yards passing, but, the thing that mattered is that when we needed plays, we got them. The TD catches by Bennett and TK were spectacular, but, in my opinion, the biggest play may have been the shot to Conley to seal the game. We needed a 1st down and he climbed the ladder to bring it to us.

The Bad

Blair Walsh - From FG's to KO's, Blair is just in a funk right now... and, I don't know the answer. Is the right thing to let Walsh kick out of it? Is the right answer to let Bogatay get a shot? I really don't know. What I do know is this - we need whoever is kicking the ball to be better than 33%. It is unacceptable to not be able to hit the FG's we've tried lately. We need this fixed NOW!

Kickoff Coverage - Again, this is an issue where I cannot figure out an answer. At one point, I counted 6 defensive starters on the KO cover team, so, I don't think it is a personnel issue. Is Blair not kicking it high enough and deep enough for the coverage? I don't know. What I do know is that we have a fundamental issue that needs to be fixed in our coverage.

Aaron Murray - I didn't realize it, but, someone told me that at one point Murray missed 12 in a row. That is not good, especially against a good team where you need to be effective throwing the football. The bigger problem is that Florida's secondary is not that good. I like Murray and I think he is a good QB - we just need to get better efficiency out of him and need to be able to throw the deep ball a little better.

Isaiah Crowell - The freshman running back has really been great this year - much better than I expected. However, when he is not in the game, it really does hurt the offense. So, with the amount of injuries that he has experienced, it is not hard to see why the offense has sputtered. Will the emergence of Samuel as a power back be able to help? We'll see. However, Isaiah really needs to either protect himself better or tough out some of these injuries.

I'm sure there is much more good and much more bad, but I'll leave that for you guys to discuss! Enjoy your Monday!


Hopefully if Samuel continues to run as hard as he did in this game Georgia can spread out he early carries in a game so that Crowell can be ready to go in the 4th quarter for more plays. One thing that was very impressive to see from Crowell was the blitz pickup on the first touchdown pass. That play by him was huge.

There are not many systems in today's football where you don't see a 2-back system. That's why I'd love to see us get Keith Marshall as another big time back next year. That blitz pick up was huge! Definitely a show of growth for the young back.