Georgia Bulldogs Return to do Great Things in 2012

B. Rambo leads a group of seniors in 2012

Friday the 13th was a pretty good day an amazing day for the Georgia program.

Although any day a running back like Todd Gurley decides to commit to Georgia, it is a great day. However, the 3pm press conference Friday gave the Bulldog Nation a shot of steriods with the announcement that every eligible player - sans Orson Charles - decided to return to Georgia for the 2012 season. Not only that, however, but back-up QB, Hutson Mason, has decided to stay with the program, redshirt, and have the chance to start his senior year.

After watching the press conference, I really did have goosebumps for Georgia. There are few instances when guys decide to put personal ambitions to the side and focus on the team. In today's world of college football, it was extremely rare. That is why quotes like these give the Bulldog Nation great hope for the 2012 season:

“Coming off the year we just had, with a bunch of brothers who are like, ‘Yo, this is what we want to do,’ it’s like God just placed all these people in my life for a reason,” said Jenkins, a rising senior nose guard. “For us to be together like we were just a moment ago, we pretty much put our future in each other’s hands. Cornelius could have left. B. Smith. Rambo. J.J. [rising junior linebacker Jarvis Jones]. Today goes to show what type of program Georgia has and the effect that Georgia has on young individuals like ourselves.” -


“We had options, and we chose to stay,” Washington said. “That just shows everybody we really want to do something big next season.” -


Abry Jones: "Today shows a lot of guys put aside personal dreams to come together as a team."

Sanders Commings: "Every man in this room came to Georgia with dreams of winning championships. That's the reason I stayed."

All I can say is that I am excited. I am excited about the direction of the program. I am excited about our recruiting class and the possible commitments left. I am excited for Georgia football in 2012. 

It looks like "TEAM me" is back in Athens.