Georgia vs. Mississippi State Preview - Scoring on the Dog D

Fletcher Cox anchors MSU's Defense

While stopping Mississippi State may be tough, actually scoring on the Bulldogs may just be the biggest task. Although former DC Manny Diaz has taken off Longhorn-Land, his style of defense has been crafted even further by co-Defensive Coordinators Geoff Collins and Chris Wilson.

The Bulldogs' defense has a ton of ability and their heavy blitz scheme has had a lot of success against big time opponents. The MSU defense ranks 5th in the SEC in TFL's with 6.8 per game. They have also intercepted 5 passes and recovered 3 fumbles this season. In this game, pay close attention to the turnover margin. Since Dan Mullen has arrived in Starkville, MSU is 14-0 when winning the turnover battle and 2-13 when having a negative or neutral margin.

Defensive Line:
Mississippi State's starting front four consists of SR DE Sean Ferguson (6-3 250 lbs), JR DT Josh Boyd (6-3 295 lbs), JR DT Fletcher Cox (6-4 295 lbs), and RFr. DE Kaleb Eulls (6-4 280 lbs). Anchoring this unit are DT's Josh Boyd and Fletcher Cox - both were pre-season All-SEC in different publications. Ferguson, Boyd, and Cox all return on this unit and have a combined 57 starts for the Dog D.

What it means for Georgia:
Think Fletcher Cox has forgot about Ben Jones' incident last year? Think Ben Jones forgets getting pushed around like a China cabinet last year? This is going to be a battle for 4 quarters. I really believe that whoever wins this matchup will win the game. Georgia is going to need to create lanes for Isaiah and protection for Murray. If they can do both - they will have a huge advantage.

The linebacking corp has a mixture of both experience and youth. Matthew Wells (RFr.) and Deonte Skinner (SO.) are co-starters at one linebacker spot, while SR Brandon Wilson and JR Cameron Lawrence are anchors for this blitzing unit. 

What it means for Georgia:
This group is an unheralded bunch, however, they will be blitzing like crazy. Georgia is going to have to have its head on a swivel when blocking and make sure the communication is there. If MSU gets any pressure and forces an errant throw, believe the MSU secondary will be there.

MSU's defensive backs combine for over 90 career starts. They are the playmakers of this defense and have a ton of talent and experience. Johnathan Banks and Corey Broomfield were preseason all-conference, and have combined for 19 career interceptions.

What it means for Georgia:
Getting open will be tough. Georgia will need to move the ball around creatively - using FB's, TE's, screens, and draws to keep the defense honest. If Georgia can get their ground game going and force some of the secondary personnel into the box, I believe Georgia can be successful through the air.


UGA - 28 MSU - 24


You say how tough their D is yet you have us scoring 38 pts? And have MSU scoring 34? I would love for us to score 38 but I don't think it will be the shootout that you predict. I'm thinking more like 27-17 Dawgs!!! Of course each of our predictions are merely our opinions.

<p>That's what happens when you try to rush through a story.&nbsp; Prediction corrected!</p>