2012 SEC Schedule Analysis and Thoughts

The 2012 SEC Schedule Makes for Good Talk

So, it is out. The 2012 SEC Schedule is out for public opinion and scrutiny - mainly against the University of Georgia. Why, you say? Well, just look at the Dawgs' schedule for 2012:

  • September 1st - vs. Buffalo 
  • September 8th - at Missouri 
  • September 15th - vs. Florida Atlantic 
  • September 22nd - vs. Vanderbilt 
  • September 29th - vs. Tennessee 
  • October 6th - at South Carolina
  • October 13th - Open 
  • October 20th - at Kentucky 
  • October 27th - vs. Florida (Jacksonville) 
  • November 3rd - vs. Ole Miss
  • November 10th - at Auburn
  • November 17th - Georgia Southern 
  • November 24th - Georgia Tech

Going into 2012, barring any mass exodus, Georgia should return 17 starters from their 2011 SEC East Championship team and should be favored in every game on the schedule. Another reason people will be critical of Georgia - they miss LSU, Arkansas, and Bama for the 2nd straight year.

However, what people don't realize is that no one is playing a tremendously tough schedule this year... well, except for Ole Miss... God speed, Hugh Freeze! When you talk big out of conference games, here are the only "tough" games for SEC teams this year:

  • Sept. 1st - Alabama vs. Michigan (Dallas)
  • Sept. 1st - Auburn vs. Clemson (Atlanta)
  • Sept. 8th - LSU vs. Washington
  • Sept. 15th - Ole Miss vs. Texas
  • Sept. 1st - Tennessee vs. NC State (Atlanta)

Again, it is not like there is a schedule like LSU's this year where they play a ton of top 10 teams. Now, in regards to the not playing the "Big 3" from the West argument, all I have to say is this: South Carolina fans, did you ever hear us complain all those years when Arkansas SUCKED??? No! We have played Auburn EVERY year for over 100 years. They are a good team about 90% of the time. Just because 2012 just happens to be a year when they are down is NOT our fault.

The other side of the argument is how do you know how those teams from the East will be vs. the teams from the West. Just because "on paper" the East looks "weak" compared to the West, does not mean that in 2012 the East will definitely be worse than the West. Just think about that first game for Georgia vs. Mizzou away in Columbia! Mizzou's first SEC game - at home- against the SEC East Champ - that game will be a championship atmosphere.

My point is this... sure, our schedule looks "easy" right now compared to others. Yes, it is convenient that we don't play any of the big 3 from the West. However, at the end of the day, the best from the East will play the best from the West. If Georgia makes it to the SECCG, they'll play one of those teams. If they lose, they lose... but if they win... does the schedule still "help" them out? No. They'll have won because they were the best.

So, cheers, Gamecock fans... next time, beat Auburn. 


Washington a 7-6 team who in the game before last, just lost to a 3-9 Oregon State team, is a tough game for LSU ? Our schedule is EASY. All the preseason polls, as they always do, look at what they think your won/loss record will be at the end of the season looking at your schedule. I see our record 2012 as 13-1. I don't think there is anyone who would disagree. Certainly not you based upon this post, favored in every game... How many teams do we play next season who end up top 25 ? -0- ? 1 ? South Carolina may or may not be top 25. They certainly have their tough games, next season. Discussion about Schedules is not just out-of-conference. Fact is South Carolina fans were complaining about them having to play Arkansas and us not. They are barely hanging on to a top 25 ranking this season, had Aaron Murray not fumbled all those 7 points to them and thrown them all those interceptions for 7 points. And, of course the fake punt too, with no special teams' coach and all the walk-ons. Nothing we can do about the schedule now. It is what it is. It is not a good schedule, by any stretch. No games for my season tickets; that's for sure. CUPCAKE CITY 13-1. I don't see a single team on that schedule who ends up top 25 next season, not 1. Not close. We will start out every pre-season poll top 5. We will run the table. We will hear it all season long from all our own fans, as we did this season. We will win them all, then play an SEC West team in SEC Championship Game. And, yes, The SEC East is down. I can say it. Replacing Alabama with Cupcake Missouri 750 miles from here each way, when Alabama was all we had on our schedule next season as it was, is the icing on the cakes. CUPCAKES. Georgia tek, please Georgia Southern, right Florida Atlantic, I don't even know what that is Buffalo, likewise Ole Miss vols Vandie That is our season tickets for all the thousands I spend every year.

Actually, I believe the OP had it correct. He said that it is "easy" but teams could be "up" that were "down" this year. No one is saying it is a hard schedule right now, but it could be easier on paper than it is in real life next year. Sure, you may not "see" one top 25 team on paper, but there very well could be a few when the season actually plays out. That is why they play the games. As far as you complaining about the thousands you spend on tickets, here is an easy solution: Don't do it. No one is forcing you to go.

"No one is saying it is a hard schedule right now" "Sure, you may not "see" one top 25 team on paper" This is what I take from your reply, that you, too, agree that right now after it is announced that no one is saying it is anything but an EASY SCHEDULE. 13-1. Then, you add in : "Sure, you may not "see" one top 25 team on paper," which I guess about sums it up. Do you not go to the games ? Does this not bother you that these are the 7 "HOME GAMES" for all our monies ? You ever stop and add up what you spend in a year ? This is a sad schedule away, and home, it just stinks to high heaven. You going to allow me to say that, or not ? Just your opinion ? And, what is your opinion ? That you go or don't go to the games ?

Are we really complaining about an easy schedule? While we're at it, I'd like to post complaints about puppies, love, cute animal videos on YouTube, and pizza. Honestly, the poster projects a record of 13-1, and that's pretty much the main basis for his complaints. News flash: 13-1 is awesome.

I believe what is said is that the Home Schedule for us next season, is not worth the price of the tickets. You have seasons' tickets ? You have a problem with that statement ? Can you name a team we've beat who ended up top 25 since 2009 season ? New Flash ! There hasn't been 1.