(not) GREAT NEWS - Georgia will be Without Crowell, Samuel, Thomas, and Malcome for NMSU

Crowell and Georgia's other 3 RB's will not be available

ESPN's Dawg Nation is reporting that Georgia will be without RB's Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas, and Ken Malcome. Here is a bit from the article:

 "ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia coach Mark Richt confirmed Tuesday afternoon that running backs Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas and Ken Malcome are suspended for Saturday’s game against New Mexico State for violating team rules.

The Bulldogs are already without Richard Samuel, who underwent surgery on a severely sprained ankle on Tuesday, leaving a backfield quandary for Georgia this weekend.

Without Crowell, Thomas and Samuel -- Georgia’s three leading rushers, who have 1,129 of the Bulldogs’ 1,322 yards on the ground -- the Bulldogs’ top available rushers are cornerback Brandon Boykin (five rushes for 95 yards), quarterback Aaron Murray (48-47), 5-foot-6 former walk-on Brandon Harton (11-33) and cornerback Branden Smith (3-21)."

This is just great news, especially on top of the news that Richard Samuel would be out for the next 4 weeks after ankle surgery. Pretty interesting this is all happening the week after Florida. Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed in these guys.


If true, holy crap! This will have to be explained...what rule did that whole group break?!

Being reported by AJC, Rivals, Scout, etc. From what I am hearing is that it could have been a failed drug test. Will not be able to confirm that.

rumor is failed drug test...

Well if what I know to be true holds weight, they were smokin that wacky tobaccy and they will sit a game for it. It happened last week and the players were given a break and let play against fla, but no nmst for them. Crow smokes, who cares? I sure don't. He is an amazing athlete that hasn't been in trouble for drinking, so let him relax with a lil puff of that mj. I expect Harton to get 100+ yards because of this mess. Great for him. At least the coaches were wise enough to let it roll over to this week.

...but I don't. If it is MJ, this is a standard rule that just shows selfishness and I hate everything about this group thinking they're above the rule and they believe they're more important than Georgia Football. At least one of those RBs has professional aspirations, they have the same rule there.

Well the reason we are in this mess is because of a dumb rule. I dont want to get into a legalize it argument, but if we werent in some stupid prohibition of marijuana there would be no problem here. Weed is the least harmful thing in the world next to butterflies. These kids deserve to relax their own way. They will be rich with or without our support. Its not about being above the law, its about the law restricting your human rights. Anyone should have the right to put anything in their bodies, with the exception of PED's. If they can drink, which is much worse than smoking BTW, than why can't they smoke? Please dont give me that "its the law BS, because its the law at Bama and Auburn also but you don't hear about them getting busted for smoking pot. We are almost a little too holy for our own good.

But I don't want my "teammates in life" ingesting substances "on duty"...and scholarship athletes are on duty all the time. Don't want my kids' school bus driver smokin' up; don't want my county firemen/EMTs tokin the reefer waiting around for the next emergency; and I don't want my military men and women jonesing for a joint when they've been at combat for 24 hours. These kids AGREED to accept $150,000 worth of scholarship money to abide by rules. When they don't, they show they don't care about anything but themselves.

It would be wrong for a fireman to wait on duty and toke. It would be wrong for a bus driver to drive and toke. It would be wrong for our military to smoke while on a mission. But I won't say it is wrong for any of them to it in their off-time. You are wrong that players should be "on duty" 24/7. If they were "paid" as such I could see it. But a scholarship that really doesn't mean much when a player can go juco for 2 years and transfer to a school play one year and get drafted on talent alone. These athletes go to school to play ball not attend classes. If they wanted the degree they would stay more than 3 years. Players rarely stay past three years if the NFL comes calling. Players like Andrew Luck stay in school for the degree because they want the degree. I would also be willing to bet he does not smoke reefer. These kids are going to smoke because it is their god given right to do so and no one, not even a coach doling out a one game suspension for getting caught, is going to stop them. You are allowed your opinion on mj but I will not vilify these players because they enjoyed an herbal cigarette. They will sit their game out and they will smoke again. If they get caught again they will take their suspension and smoke again. Justin Houston smokes to this day as much as he did in high school. He got caught, didnt care, and smoked again. It seems to me that we are punishing ourselves for being holier than thou. If Bama, LSU, Auburn, or Arkansas doesn't do anything about it, why do we? We suspend players all the time for smoking pot, where are Bama's and LSU's suspensions? You can't tell me that there isn't one player smoking on those two teams.

*COUGH* Honey Badger *COUGH* I won't get into a discussion about whether or not it is right, wrong, indifferent... it just sucks we won't have them this weekend.

Where is Mcclendon in all this mess?? I seem to remember him receiving a $90,000 a year raise this year!! First Ealey,then King now Crowell, Thomas and Malcome??? Does he return part of his pay since he has lost basically all the position players under his watch. Where is the adult leadership? One bad apple in Ealey, then another in King, now 3 more????