September 2012

Georgia vs. Missouri - Final Thoughts

Mitchell Returns to Help UGA Stop Mizzou

It is funny, I didn't think this Georgia vs. Missouri would get the kind of publicity that it has received thus far. I thought the game might fly under the radar, but, then, Sheldon Richardson decided to give ESPN all it needed to make this a highlight game for Georgia, for Missouri, for the SEC, and for the Nation.

Breaking Down Missouri's Offensive Philosophy

James Franklin Leads Mizzou's Fast Pace O

Saturday night's matchup, as Mark Richt put it earlier this week, is a monster game. If Georgia wants to prove it belongs in the national discussion of elite teams, then they have to go to Columbia and take out a team in front of their home fans in a stadium that will be rocking.

In order to do that, Georgia will need to deal with Mizzou's high tempo spread offense. 

This post will be exclusively scheme based. While I respect James Franklin as a QB, and he is one hell of a QB, Missouri has a great offensive system and that is how they are successful.

We're Back - Thoughts on UGA vs. Buffalo

Gurley Leads Dawgs - Richard Hamm, ABH

Ahh, isn't it lovely to get back to football season?

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