January 2012

Out With the Old, In with the New - Kicker Edition

Morgan (19) kicks the game winning 47-yd FG

2011 is over and done. Therefore, 2012 is the focus for Dawg fans around the nation. 

The Outback Bowl's missed field goals have been and will be a theme through the off-season. With Georgia's struggles on special teams, they will need someone to come in and provide some stability for the punting and field goal units. 

Enter Georgia commit: Marshall Morgan

New Year's Resolution for The Blawg House

So, now that the bowl game has come and gone, I've started thinking more of the direction of the blog for the off season. 

I've decided I want to be a lot more interactive with all of you that visit The Blawg House daily. We went over 100,000 unique visitors (THANK YOU) just before the New Year, and I'd love to hear more from you. 

So, please, make comments in the comment section. You don't have to register or sign up, just comment, discuss, and leave your thoughts. The more view points, the better, in my opinion!

Allstate Sugar Bowl Pick

We've got to straighten up, don't we. 19-10 is definitely not good enough for bowl pook championships. We're 7-8 over the last few days, so, hopefully, we can finish strong to help you (and me) have a shot in our bowl pools.

So, here is my pick for tonight's Sugar Bowl:


Georgia vs. Michigan State Review - The Good, The Bad, & The Terrible

Cousins (8) led Michigan State to a great comeback

So, 2012 begins about the same was 2011 did - with a lot of questions about the Georgia program. Although the Outback Bowl was a great game filled with defense, offense, and special team plays, it leaves Georgia and its fans speechless.

Georgia vs. Michigan State - Outback Bowl Preview & Prediction

Worthy (99) & Jones (29) lead two of the nation's best

A year ago at this time, I was pondering the direction of the Georgia football program. Would there be major changes? What is going to happen to Mark Richt? How long until Georgia would be back to the level we had gotten used to under Coach Richt?

Bowl Picks - January 2nd

So, those New Year's Eve picks really sucked! We pulled off Texas A&M and Utah, but Illinois, Cinci, and Auburn really messed up our record. As of January 2nd, 2012, we sit with a bowl record of 16-7, which isn't bad - but we need better to lead our pool.


Georgia Tech Loses Another Bowl Game - Sweet Tears of Sadness

Man... I just knew Coach Paul Johnson was going to ruin my afternoon. North Avenue Trade School was up 24-10 going into the 4th quarter, and everyone knows CPJ is 10-2 when leading in the 4th. Hell, with a 2 TD lead, an offense as explosive as Johnson's can basically just move the ball for 1 or 2 first downs and drown the clock. But, not yesterday!