November 2011

2005 SEC Championship Rewind

Just wanted to, once again, visit the last time Georgia played LSU in the SEC Championship

Georgia's Rank: 13 LSU's Rank: 3

Georgia's Score: 34 LSU's Score: 14

Mark Richt's Record vs. Les Miles: 2-1 (with 1 loss coming on a fluke TD celebration)


Richt looks to capture his 3rd SEC Title

6 years has flown by. Since that December night in 2005, Georgia has barely sniffed the Southeastern Conference Championship. Since that night, Georgia has been a roller coaster of a football program. Fighting back in 2006, being top dogs in 2007, falling from grace in 2008, falling harder in 2009, and hitting bottom in 2010. In those 5 years, the SEC has captured 5 straight titles - and looks to add a sixth this season. In all those years, Georgia never once was able to fight for the chance to play for the SEC crown.

In 2011, all of that has changed.

Georgia's Defense Begins War of Words

Jarvis Jones leads UGA's Defense -

Typically, going into a big game, the huge underdog does not want to wake the sleeping giant. In this case, Georgia, the two touchdown underdog, may not want to poke and prod the #1 team in the land - who may or may not be "sleeping" through this game... seeing as how, apparently, regardless of how this game goes, will be in the National Championship game.

Someone forgot to tell Georgia's defense that "rule."

Urban Meyer to Ohio State - A Different Perspective

When Urban Meyer left Florida after last season, there wasn't too big of an uproar - mainly because you knew it was coming. The previous season, Meyer had decided to retire, unexpectedly, but then later decided to come back to coach the Gators again. After a down year in which Urban had basically "checked out," the coach decided to step down - citing health reasons and wanting to spend more time with his family.

SEC Rankings - Championship Week

The Blawg House's SEC Rankings

The SEC regular season is done and it is down to one game between the LSU Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs to determine who is the king of the Southeastern Conference. While Alabama and Arkansas would like to say they're #2 and #3 in the SEC, there is only one other team playing in the game and that is Georgia. While Bama and Arkansas have had their opportunity to knock off the king, it is Georgia's time come Saturday.

Fowler's Take on the BCS Mess

This pretty much sums it up:

2001 vs. 2011 - UGA vs. GT - An Eerie Story

I don't really consider myself too superstitious. As a coach, I find myself feeling like I really can only control what I can control, so outside "voodoo" or "joojoo" doesn't effect me - EXCEPT when it comes to the Dawgs. I am always finding myself looking for omens or signs from above that may give us insight as to how the Dawgs will play that day.

This weekend, I had an eerie story that I just had to share with you all. 

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Review - The Good from Each Side

Murray, Boykin, and Charles -

On Saturday, Georgia once again proved why they are considered the premier team in the state of Georgia by beating their arch rival, Georgia Tech, by a score of 31-17. To be honest, the game was never in doubt and Georgia rolled in all phases of the game.

Nothing More Needs to be Said


Ok, the Thanksgiving pleasantries are over... it is time to make fun of the Nerds. And, what a way to start it off than to show you ESPNU's new Georgia Tech logo:


And, speaking of Nerds, I doubt this guy will have room for this this weekend: