October 2011

Todd Grantham Review - We've Improved, But How Much?

UGA DC Todd Grantham - UGASports.com

To the average football fan, we can obviously tell that Georgia's defense has played extremely better than 2010. In the past two games, vs. SEC opponents, the defense has played well enough to mask any offensive mistakes and keep the games out of reach for the opponents. 

If you want to see how much better Georgia has gotten on defense, just take a look at Georgia's national rankings for defense:

Aron White - A Surprise Honor for the Senior TE

Working in the non-profit sector makes me appreciate stories like this more than most. Giving back to youth and your community is something that I really relate to, and it makes me so happy to write articles like this about one of our football players. 

Our 1 Month Anniversary!

Well, it has been exactly one month since we started The Blawg House. I honestly never thought it would even be a regular on the Georgia blog-o-sphere (we still may not be), but, for those of you who do read the blog, thank you. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing and sharing what little I know.

I also wanted to give a shout out to some of the sites that are great reads for both news & opinions, and who have embraced The Blawg House.

Nothing Like A Good Kick to the Nuts...

... to get you 15 yards!

SEC Rankings - Week 6

TBH's SEC Rankings

What a great weekend in SEC football! We saw some good teams become great teams, some good teams become bad teams, some bad teams become worse teams... It was pretty interesting. The way the SEC has been playing football, this season is shaping up to be an amazing year in the Southeastern Conference.

This is how we feel like the SEC ranks after 4 weeks of play:

October 3rd, 2011

Cornelius Washington is Out - Who Will Replace Him?

Washington is out - Who will fill?

One of the stars from the Mississippi State game, OLB Cornelius Washington, is out for the next two games vs. Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Washington had some very good plays and is one of our most physically imposing players on the defense.

So, with him out, who are his replacements? Let's take a look at the guys who I think will be taking over for him in these next two weeks.

1. Reuben Faloughi (6-5 255lbs RFr.)

Dog Arrested - Damnit Cornelius!

Just when I was bragging on the arrests since last year, we had to go hurting ourselves again! 

We're getting reports that OLB Cornelius Washington was arrested in Commerce, GA for a DUI. Trying to get confirmation. Will post when we do.



I just got off the phone with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. Cornelius Washington was arrested last night for Speeding and a DUI. He was released on a $3,500 property bond and is no longer at the jail. 

Blair Walsh Needs Romeo!

Thanks to the Senator for pointing this out...

Georgia vs. Mississippi State Review - Some Things You Should Know

John Jenkins and the UGA D Slammed MSU

The reason I started this blog was to help the average fan understand more about the in's and out's of football. In many situations, average fans throw out random, of the hip opinions, like, "Bobo sucks! All we do is run draws and screens!" (See any of those yesterday?) How about this one: "Look at the way that kid is celebrating, Mark Richt has lost control of this program." (Anyone been arrested since last October??? EDIT - Spoke too soon.)

It's Saturday in Athens - The Anticipation of Gameday

This empty street will be filled by sun-up

I have been to Tiger Stadium and Death Valley. I've walked through the Grove at Ole Miss. I have heard cowbells for weeks from going to Starkville for a game. I have even played touch football in the shadows of the Parthenon in Nashville. However, nothing - to me - compares to a game day in Athens.