October 2011

The Mitchell Effect - Can We Replace the Freshman's Impact?

Can TK Step Up This Weekend?

I think outside of the guys running the 7-on-7's this past summer, no one would have imagined that Malcolm Mitchell would be Georgia's leading receiver through six games. As of today, the true freshman has 25 receptions for 428 yards and 3 TD's.

NCAA's Verdict on Auburn is In

Cam Newton - "Oh hell yeah!"

Well... shit...

"Auburn University has received a letter from the NCAA enforcement staff stating the NCAA has concluded its investigation, and no major rules violations were found."

Here is the full statement from the NCAA:

Early Bowl Projections - Where Will the Dawgs End Up?

So, where will the Dawgs go bowling?

Again, it is the Vanderbilt week, my mind is fried, and I'm starting to think about the possibility of shorts in January... yes, this is the way too early, shot in the dark, based on where we are and might be later - TBH Bowl Projections for Georgia.

Coach's Corner - Mailbag Time!

Send in your best questions!

Ok, peeps, it is that time again - Mailbag Time! This week is slow on both the news front and creative front (I think it is from the excitement about heading to Nashville in 2 days). Therefore, I'd love to answer some of your questions about the Dawgs, strategy, X's and O's, college football, NFL football, fantasy football... anything. Just shoot us a question using one of the methods below: 

SEC Rankings - Week 7 - Dawgs Moving Up

The Blawg House's SEC Rankings

We're at the midpoint of the year. While we've started to see the "cream rising to the top" in the SEC, the true picture of the Southeastern Conference has yet to be seen. The November 5th showdown between LSU and Alabama is looming large, and the battle for the SEC East is heating up. With the news that South Carolina has dismissed Stephen Garcia, it will be interesting to see how the pre-season favorite does the rest of the season with Connor Shaw at the helm.

At the half way point of the season, this is how we see the SEC rankings:

October 11th, 2011

Stephen Garcia Dismissed - Who Didn't See This Coming?

Todd Grantham Review - Showing Russ Mitchell the Facts

Todd Grantham Celebrates After Victory at UT

Georgia's battle with Tennessee last Saturday gave Coach Todd Grantham a chance to show the SEC and the nation what his defense could do against a good quarterback. While Tennessee's rushing offense is not scary, their passing offense with Tyler Bray is pretty darn good. Although many pundits will say that Tennessee was not a true test, it was another opportunity to reinforce the fact that this Georgia defense has gotten considerably better.

Using The Deep Ball to Open the Run

Mitchell Successful vs. Tennessee

Well, folks, if you live along coastal Georgia, you'll know you need an Ark to get from one part of town to the other. Therefore, I am writing this blog on my battery (hopefully it holds up) because power is off on the islands in Savannah, so I'm writing in the dark (except for the light of my laptop).

Going to Vanderbilt & Need YOUR Help!

TBH Heads to Nashville!

It is finally here! Vanderbilt Week!!!

You know, normally, I am not this excited about the Vanderbilt game, but I am pretty pumped about this one. I have been to Vandy one time before, but only for a day trip, and it was my freshman year in college. Therefore, I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time in the city, take in any good food, or experience the nightlife of the city. 

The Race for the SEC East - Who Will Win?

Can Richt Get to Atlanta? - UGASports.com

After last weekend's games and this past weekend's games, the Georgia Bulldogs are sitting in a tie for first with South Carolina. However, due to their loss to USC in Athens earlier in the season, Georgia would lose the tie breakers, should both teams win out. The three teams that are still "in" for the East are Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Although Florida has gotten drummed the last two weeks, should they win out, they'd represent the East heading into Atlanta.