October 2011

Hate Week - Most Hated Florida Gators

Tim Tebow - Most Hated Gator

Alright, it is in full swing - Georgia vs. Florida. This has to be one of the most hated rivalries in all of college football. While I try very hard to stay in the middle and present facts to back my opinions - it is hard to hide my hate for Florida. While I may loathe GT, Florida is right up there in my hate-o-meter.

Hate Week - Yes, I'm going there...

You know, I really feel like the subtitles missed some clear grammar and punctuation mistakes.


Moving on Up!

Ah, what a weekend in college football. I just love to smell of upsets in the morning! If you didn't catch it, the shape of college football was changed this weekend with the losses of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Oklahoma. The losses of those undefeated are big for the likes of LSU/Alabama, Boise State, Stanford, and Clemson. However, we all know how long this season is. Heck, just a few weeks ago, Georgia Tech was 6-0 and #12 in the country, and the Dawgs were unranked. As of today? Well, the rankings talk for themselves...

Tennessee - Redshirt? What Redshirt?!

Dooley went off on players Saturday

Although Tennessee's season is all but lost, one has to be able to find some good that came from the beat down that Alabama gave them on Saturday night, right? Oh yeah! When Tennessee loses, Derek Dooley's mouth gives us some gems! Here are some good quotes from Dooley after the loss vs. Alabama.

"Belue to Scott" - Telling Their Stories

Last week, a few sites published a new clip from the movie, 1980 Dawgs - The Inside Story of The National Championship Season, which tells the story of the 1980 Georgia football team that went on to go undefeated and win the National Championship with a win over Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. The movie, which is getting great reviews from many Georgia fans, was just released last week, and can be ordered through their web site, 1980dawgs.com.

Occupy Herbstreit - The Movement

You can't make shit like this up, and it is hilarious. The movement of "Occupy:_______" is spreading worldwide, and the college football world is not immune. A "lost" Gameday fan has taken his creative sign-making to the Occupy: ________ front. He calls it: Occupy Herbstreit. They even have a few demands:

The Blawg House's Bye Week Picks & Upsets

Wilson & the Badgers are on Upset Alert

Ah... I just love bye week Saturdays. Just a little work in the mornings, listening/watching College Gameday, and a full day of stress free college football. 'Tis the life!

Since Georgia is off this weekend, I thought it might be a good chance to throw my picks and upsets out there - just to see if they stick.

12:00pm -  4. Oklahoma State (-7.5) at Missouri 

This is a game that many people are thinking is a fall game for the 'Pokes. I don't think so. Oklahoma State has been living on the edge, but I don't see them tripping up this weekend.

Muschamp Guarantees Victory - I Guarantee the Finger

BOOM - Mother F'ER!!!

I've tried to keep my mind off of the coming week, because I know the work week leading up to Georgia-Florida will just move so slow if I get pumped for the game now. However, thanks to the guys over at TheDawgbone.com - I keep getting the fact that Muschamp "guaranteed a victory over Georgia" earlier this year.

Georgia Football Gets High Valuation

Georgia Ranks #2

The economy is in the crapper, the state of Georgia just released that unemployment has risen, and there seems to be an "Occupy:____" in every American city because of the downfall of the economy. However, at the Butts-Mehre building, Georgia received some pretty good news - well, if they were thinking about selling off the football program.

UGA Recruiting - Ranking Our Top Commits and Targets

Could Theus be UGA's answer at OT?

The bye week is a good time to look into the future to see how Georgia is shaping up in terms of recruiting. While the Dawgs went out and got the "Dream Team" last season, Georgia's recruiting class for 2012 has been a lot quieter.