October 2011

Give me Your Hate, Your Piss, Your Vinegar

Alright people... time to get in the spirit. I am less than 2 hours away from getting off work and being in full blown HATE-FLORIDA mode! Just in case you were not in the same mood, I'm going to share some pictures that might get you in the right frame of mind!

Urban Tebow

Remember the timeout??? Richt does...


SEC Rankings - Week 9 - The Countdown Begins

TBH's SEC Rankings

The countdown clock has started for the November 5th match-up between #1 LSU and #2 Alabama in what is sure to be a match-up of epic proportions. However, this weekend is just as important to the SEC race. The Annual WLOCP will be a big game in determining who will represent the East in Atlanta. Also, with USC hurting, Tennessee could come out and shock the 1-loss Gamecocks. Here's how we think the SEC matches up this week:

October 27th, 2011

1. LSU Tigers (8-0 / 5-0 SEC)

Tebow vs. Stafford - The Rivalry Continues

The Tebow-Stafford Rivalry started in high school

This weekend, two teams will take the field in a match-up that pits big-time QB's against one another. One QB comes into the game limping after losing a few in a row, while the other has taken back over his team. One team may have all of the weapons, but the other has the leadership and a will to win... 

No, I'm not talking about Georgia vs. Florida... I'm talking about the Detroit Lions vs. the Denver Broncos. Just how crazy is it that Stafford and Tebow will square off against one another the same weekend that Georgia takes on Florida in the annual cocktail party? 

Weis on 2007 GA/FL Celebration - "That caught me off guard"

The 2007 Georgia-Florida still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many down in the Swamp. In fact, the effects of Georgia's touchdown celebration stretched all the way to the golden dome in South Bend. When asked earlier this week about the celebration, Weis had this to say:

Breaking Down Charlie Weis - Part 2

Just one joke... please?!

Our second installment of "Breaking Down Charlie Weis" will be focused on the single-back series for the Florida Gators. Weis, as we have said, likes to use a certain set or look with a base play and builds on the play throughout the game. The goal is to say, hey, you stopped this play from this formation last time, well, let's see how you do with this wrinkle. The progression of the sets and plays keeps the defenses on their toes and keeps the offense with the advantage. 

Hate Week - At Least One Georgia Player is as Excited as Me!

Ogletree has been sidelined since BSU

You know, typically, you'd like your team to come into the Florida game excited, but with a cool, clear, level head. Well... except for that one guy who you want to be a crazy guy all over the field and make plays out of his ass. That guy for Georgia this weekend? Alec Ogletree.

Vandy's Turn to the Darkside - Commodores Disrespect Army

We Sing Alma Maters with CLASS!

Apparently, "Winning with Class, Playing with Class, and Coaching with Class" means disrespecting the service academy that sends young men and women to fight for the right for James Franklin to make an ass of himself week-in and week-out.

Breaking Down Charlie Weis - Part 1

I want to make jokes, but this is a serious post

Charlie Weis, the University of Florida Offensive Coordinator, is seen as an "offensive genius" by many in the football world, and why shouldn't he be? He was the OC under Bill Belichick and won 3 Super Bowls for the Patriots, he brought Notre Dame to 2 BCS Bowls and had one of the top offenses in college football, and, in 2010, as the OC for the Kansas City Chiefs, Weis had a top 10 offense and sent 3 players to the Pro Bowl. As a head coach, Weis may not have been very successful, however, as an offensive coordinator, Weis has been one of the best.

Hate Week - A Guide to Florida Fans

Alright, Georgia fans, you're excited! You're heading down to Jacksonville for your first ever Georgia-Florida game! Great! However, there are some things (people) you need to know before you head down to the Florida border. Florida fans are a funny bunch and can be somewhat complicated to understand. Therefore, with the help of the graphics from the Anti-Orange page, I decided to give you a guide to the Florida fans.

1. The Redneck Florida Fan

Georgia vs. Florida - Is it Do or Die time for Richt?

Richt's struggles vs. Florida makes this weekend big

I typically stay away from posts about the future of Mark Richt. Reason being is that I know there is a big group who absolutely love Richt and want him here, another group who absolutely hate Richt and want him gone, and a big group who are indifferent and just want to win. I know you readers fall in a variety of those groups, and I don't want to alienate you all with my opinions. As I have done since I've started this blog, I don't give you a ton of opinion without facts and examples to go along with it. However, you cannot ignore how big Saturday's game vs.