September 2011

We Win One More... That's Called A Winning Streak

Go Dawgs!

Georgia vs. Mississippi State Preview - Scoring on the Dog D

Fletcher Cox anchors MSU's Defense

While stopping Mississippi State may be tough, actually scoring on the Bulldogs may just be the biggest task. Although former DC Manny Diaz has taken off Longhorn-Land, his style of defense has been crafted even further by co-Defensive Coordinators Geoff Collins and Chris Wilson.

Georgia vs. Mississippi State Preview - Can We Stop Relf & Ballard?

SR QB Chris Relf looks to lead MSU past UGA

Mississippi State comes to town tomorrow and will be looking for another shot in the arm with a win over Georgia - just like last year. In opposite seasons, MSU took the surprising win over Georgia in Starkville and never looked back. Under Dan Mullen, MSU went on to a nine-win season... and Georgia? They went on to their first losing season under Coach Mark Richt.

Hey Boo! It's Been a Minute...

... literally.

Bacarri Rambo - A TRUE Dawg

Bacarri Rambo

Sometimes things get lost in the whirl wind of college football. We love the passion, the padgentry, and the drama. We get so caught up in arguing our point - whether it is our coaching staff, the players, the scheme, the uniforms, expansion, conference supremacy, the NCAA, the BCS, and so on and so on... that we forget about some of the more important things in life.

UGA Player Transfers - What is Going on in Athens?

Malcome and Owens are the latest UGA transfers

After yesterday's practice, Coach Mark Richt announced that both Derek Owens and Ken Malcome would be transferring from UGA. Reports have been on and off about Malcome about transferring since he made some comments on Twitter earlier in the year. However, Coach Richt and Coach McClendon have both maintained that "Boo's" injuries put him behind and he just needed to come out and perform.

Happy Birthday Larry Munson - My Favorite Moments

Happy 89th Birthday, Larry!

Today is Larry Munson's 89th birthday, and I just wanted to show tribute to one of the greatest announcers ever. I was very honored to have met Larry one day walking down Lumpkin Street. We were playing UAB that day, and, of course, in true Larry fashion, when I asked how we should fair against them, he responded, "Oh, I don't know. This team scares the hell out of me. That quarterback, you know, can just do anything..."

Catching Up With KRIS DURHAM

Seattle Seahawk WR Kris Durham

Dawg fans, we have a special treat for you today! The Blawg House was able to catch up with former UGA and current Seattle Seahawk WR, Kris Durham, for a 1-on-1 interview.

SEC Rankings - Week 5

TBH's SEC Rankings

Week 4 in the SEC gave us some great SEC and out of conference matches. LSU has clearly established itself as the class of the SEC, but Alabama is right behind them (as in centimeters behind them). This week will give us more of an idea as we get UGA vs. MSU, Auburn vs. USC, and, of course, Bama vs. Florida. 

This is how we feel like the SEC ranks after 4 weeks of play:

September 28th, 2011

In Honor of Mississippi State

You know, I feel like you all have really come through as dedicated readers and have enjoyed some of my posts. Therefore, as a reward, I just wanted to share this with you in honor of Mississippi State coming to town this weekend!

Also, I haven't showed much piss and vinegar as the rabid Georgia fan I am... therefore, To Hell with Mississippi State!